6 Fabulous Tourist Attractions In St. Kitts And Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis, the two peaceful and idyllic islands, are a pair of tropical islands in the West Indies. The two most isolated and incredible islands, 2 miles apart at their closest point, offer visitors a relatively veritable and unique island experience. The veritable islands of serenity have stupefying white sandy beaches, warm water lakes and sunny skies combine to make these islands, one of the most captivating tourist spots in the Caribbean region. The heart of the two-island country is their beaches which are the favorite destinations for globe-roaming travelers. The island captivate any nature lover with beauteous mountains, and there are lot of activities to engage your body and rich history to engage your mind. The perfectly peaceful and seductive islands have rich history and give a chance to explore a historic mighty fortress, which makes these islands a perfect place to enjoy your vacation.

So, Let’s Take An Overview Of Some Beautiful Attraction Of Saint Kitts And Nevis

1. Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, St. Kitts

One of the most preserved historical fortification of the America ,Brimstone Hill Fortress is located on a very steeply sloping hill situated close to the sea on the Western, Caribbean coast of St. Kitts.

This historical and beautiful fortress was designed by British military engineers, and built by African slaves.

In 1999, this fortress was declared as a UNESCO World heritage site because of its historical, cultural and architectural significance. This World Heritage Site is a testimony to European colonial expansion and African slave trade. There is a museum and art gallery which display the history of the colonial period of Caribbean region.


2. St. Kitts Scenic Railway, St. Kitts

St Kitts Scenic Railway, the long narrow gauge railway line of 18 mile along the coast line on the island of Saint Kitts, is one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. This train ride takes passenger on a 3 hour tour around the beautiful Eastern Caribbean Island of St Kitts.

This train ride is the best way to explore the undiscovered Caribbean region.

Built between 1912 and 1916 to deliver sugarcane from the fields to the sugar mills, now provides a delightful way to visitors to explore the unexplored areas of an island. The unique and attractive way allows the visitors to see the island in a very short period of time. This memorable ride gives you the best experience which you can’t get elsewhere.


3. The Treasury Building And National Museum, St. Kitts

The National Museum, located in the capital of the country, is the best place to start your explorations of St. Kitts. This building is a testimony to European struggles for the St. Kitts, which is rich in sugarcane plantation.

This building display the local lifestyle and tradition followed by the people of the region and also the deals with colonial and sugar history.

Therefore, today it is the most respected historical, cultural and architectural monument of the country. The society expend enormous energy in preserving the historical heritage of the country. The building is decorated when the nation celebrates its Independence and also during carnival celebrations.


4. Pinney’s Beach, Nevis

Pinney’s Beach, the most famous and long white sandy beach, is located on the western coast of the island of Nevis. You can stay for as long as you want as this beach is open 24 hours for everyone. The clear and calm warm water of the seductive ocean are perfect for swimming and for water sports.

There are lot of activities to engage your body and you can also relax under the seraphic palm trees.

There are lot of resorts and rustic beach bars on the uncrowded beach where you can enjoy indigenous refreshing drink. This serene and uncrowded beach can be the perfect place to spend your vacation with your family.


5. Mount Liamuiga, St. Kitts

Mount Liamuiga, the highest peak on the island of St. Kitts with an elevation of more than 1.1km, situated on the western coast of the Saint Kitts.

Embark on the rugged mountains through lush forest gives you a beautiful experience and a chance to explore indigenous tropical flora and fauna.

Climb a mountain is a little bit difficult as there are huge rocks and boulders and also the poorly marked path can deviate from the original one but once you reach on the top, the panoramic views are incredibly amazing. This incredibly verdant, peaceful and stunning mountain is the best for the hikers as this is surely an un-touched gem.


6. Romney Manor, St. Kitts

Romney Manor, the second important historical building of St. Kitts, located in the northern part of the island. According to locals, the visit to St. Kitts is incomplete without a tour of this historical building and its ancient gardens.

This place still bears many markings of colonial history of St. Kitts.

Outside the building, there are beautiful botanical gardens which are spread over more than six acres which feature many varieties of indigenous tropical plants and animal species. These serene gardens are the perfect place to relax your mind.


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