6 Must Do Things In Povoa de Varzim Portugal

An old fishing town in Portugal, Povoa de Varzim, is a beach resort. It is famous because it has a large iodine content in its sea water and air which is used for healing purposes. With diverse districts and downtowns which are very picturesque, Povoa de Varzim is the perfect destination for a relaxed vacation. The place is easily accessible and you are sure to fall in love with the high rise beach districts and the night life that this town has to offer.

1. Igreja De Sao Pedro De Rates

Built in the 12th and the 13th centuries, the Igreja de Sao Pedro de Rates is a fine example of Romanesque architecture. The church was built on the orders of the parents of the first king of Portugal, Dom Afonso Henriques. The church has two different floor plans. It was initially designed to have five bays, a transept and three naves but later was changed for the canons of the Portuguese Benedictine churches. What draws a lot of attention are the Romanesque doorways of the church.

Igreja De Sao Pedro De Rates

2. Muro de Azulejos

This is a beautiful wall which shows you a lot of history of Povoa de Varzim. It depicts the tradition and the spirit of the Portuguese. It is an exhibition of the Azulejos tile which is of 20*20 cm. The history of Povoa de Varzim is portrayed in the painted tiles. It shows the various scenes of this fishing town.

Muro de Azulejos

3. Casino da Povoa

With a modernistic style inspired by the Garnier, the Casino da Povoa is a must visit entertainment and gaming site in Povoa de Varzim. It has been in operation since the 1930s. One can spend time playing the table games or at the bar which has live performances. There are restaurants as well as a theatre in the casino.

Casino da Povoa

4. Nossa Senhora da Conceicao Fortress

The Castelo da Povoa or the Nossa Senhora da Conceicao Fortress is a Portuguese fortress. It was built between the years 1701 and 1740 during the reigns of Peter II and John V. It was built to protect the town from the privateers. The Fort was built where once stood the Forte de Torrao. It is an interesting fortress to visit during your stay in Povoa de Varzim.

Nossa Senhora da Conceicao Fortress

5. Eca de Queiroz Monument

Monument Eca de Queiroz has been built in front of the writer’s house where he was born. One can visit the fountain located at the end of Plaza de Almanda which was built in the year 1952. Eca de Queiroz was a great writer and a bronze plaque marks his birthplace.

Eca de Queiroz Monument

6. Santuario de Alexandrina de Balasar

The church of Santuario de Alexandrina de Balasar is quiet and peaceful and a must visit when on a holiday to Povoa de Varzim. Alexandrina Maria da Costa or Blessed Alexandrina of Balazar was a Portuguese mystic and was blessed by Pope John Paul II.

Santuario de Alexandrina de Balasar

Povoa de Varzim has a number of beaches where you can just relax and enjoy its beauty. You can also plan to visit the Urban Park which offers various leisure activities. The restaurants serve some delectable fish and vegetable preparations that are grown locally. Povoa de Varzim is rich in culture and is an ideal family destination to visit on a vacation. You may also plan your visit around major celebrations to be a part of the local festivals.

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