6 Most Beautiful Islands Of Myanmar

Myanmar, the most renowned pilgrimage destination draws thousands of visitors every year not only for its pilgrimage sites, but also for its immensely mesmerizing nature. Though there are many attractive places to visit, we have compiled a list of most popular and beautiful islands you must visit during your tour to Myanmar. These islands have beautiful sandbanks, sea creatures, clean water and soothing environment.

6 Islands Of Myanmar:

1. Kyun Phi Lar

Also called Pilar, the island is a much loved one in Myanmar’s island chain. The long white sand beaches that stretch to a few kilometers without any traces of footsteps are so serene. The less crowded clean beaches are popular for kayaking, snorkeling and paddle boarding. You can often find monkeys sitting on the shore and nibbling on crabs. This traveler’s paradise is a wonderful place to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Kyun Phi Lar

2. Island 115

Well, the name sounds a bit weird, but the truth is that there are numerous islands in Mergui Archipelago and it is difficult to name all. Actually this exotic island has no name so until it gets a name, the isle will be known as 115. The beaches, corals and views are breathtaking. A trekking through the forests, swimming the soothing waters, friendly encounters with crabs on the shore, snorkeling, etc are some fun activities one should try.

Island 115

3. Red Monkey Island

Originally known as Myauk Ni, the island is such a beautiful place on the earth. The unspoiled nature, clear water, powdery white sand and amazing diversity of lives on the island makes it quite popular among the tourists. Wild dolphins, corals and a wide variety of fishes, thrilling water sports are some of the things that you can enjoy here. You can meet the sea gypsies and learn about their lifestyle, go trekking in the forests, watch birds and if lucky enough spot flying fox in the evenings in the island.

Red Monkey Island

4. Macleod Island

The only island with a small eco-resort still with undisturbed nature is Macleod Island. Like all the other islands in Mergui Archipelago, Macleod Island is full of refreshing nature. There is a lot of scope for fun activities including bird watching, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, etc. The kingfishers, hornbills, fishes and corals are amazing. Views from the mountain top and encounter of wildlife as you walk through the forest are spectacular. Last but not the least, the spa treatments in the eco-resort is something one must not miss.

Macleod Island

5. Lampi Island

Lampi is the largest and main island among the chain of islands in Myanmar. The shape of the island that is horseshoe shape is of a huge geographical value. Apart from the beaches and clear water, the island is popular for its rich diversity of wildlife. National Marine Botanical Garden is located on this island. The mangrove swamps, sea gypsies, flying Lima, barking deer, pythons, elephants, etc are a few interesting things that you find on the island.

Lampi Island

6. Shark Cave Island

Shark Cave is one of the top diving sites of the archipelago Mergui. It is well-known for its docile nurse sharks. Located on the north-west side of the isle, the ragged cave is about 5 – 16 meters deep. You can find many grey reef sharks, silver sweet lips and long-fin trevally guarding the entrance of the cave. A tunnel on the farther side of the basin leads to an amazing hard coral reef, which is on the other part of the island.

Shark Cave Island

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