6 Fascinating Things To Do In Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste also called East Timor is a Southeast Asian country enriched with beautiful landscapes and rich tradition. The misty mountains, village markets, beautiful beaches, stunning views, exciting activities, all make the country a wonderful holiday destination. Some of the major attractions in East Timor are summed up here.

Attractions In Timor-Leste:

1. Mount Ramelau

The highest mountain belt in Timor, Mount Ramelau, which is about 3000m above the sea level, is a popular tourist attraction. It is easy to climb mountains in the world and a super fit person can climb to the top in just 90 minutes. The statue of Virgin Mary and other memorials on the top of the peak are spectacular. The views form the top are stunning. On a clear, sunny day, you can see the entre coastline in the distance. Hiking in the morning is especially amazing because of the breathtaking views.


2. Nino Konis Santana National Park

This is the first national park in East Timor and covers an area of about 1200 sq. kilometers. The park is an important link between the bird areas such as Jaco Island, Mt. Paitchau and Lake Ira. The coral triangle with greatest diversity of coral and reef fish, rare species of birds and bats are the highlights of the park. It is an interesting place for nature lovers.


3. Jaco Island

The small island, which is only 10 sq kilometers wide and just 100 meters above the sea level is a perfect place for those who love beach and water sports. White sand, blue water and unspoiled nature attracts tourists. The island is considered sacred by the local people and no camping is allowed. The island is the best for walking the sands, being immersed in the azure water and relaxing in the absolute silence.


4. President’s Palace

This is where you can see the President of East Timor, but there is something more interesting here. The giant dinosaur displayed at the entrance hall is a major attraction. President Ramos Horta requested the assembly of the Tarbosaurus Batter dinosaur specimen, which was found in Mongolia. Since its assembly, it has become the welcoming sight of the palace and it has been used for educational purpose too.


5. Tais Market

The locally made products available at the market will help you learn more about the culture and history of East Timor. The Tais, a traditional hand woven cloth mostly created by Timor women draws everyone’s attention in the market.

The symbolic patterns, unique designs and colors are amazing.

The Tais are used in traditional ceremonies and are an important part of East Timor’s culture. A stroll around the Tias market will be colorful memory in your East Timor visit.


6. Atauro Island

Situated near by Dili, Atauro Island is indeed a paradise on earth. The 140 square km isle can be reached by water taxi or ferry. You can indulge in amazing snorkeling, diving, remote trekking or reading activities while on the island. Earlier, the island was used as a prison by the Indonesian and Portuguese governments.

The walking trails meander through the tropical forest, savannah and the traditional villages.

The island is surrounded by the world’s best coral reefs, which are breeding ground and home to several species of fish. Being a mountainous island, Atauro is just perfect for a walking trail. Mount Manukoko is the highest peak and local guides are available to take you up this marvelous mountain peak.


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