6 Exotic Things To Do In Wellington

Fun is easy in a city like Wellington!!. It is one of the most picturesque capitals clustered around the sparkling bay and the magnificent mountains. Ranked among the world’s liveliest cities the city will always keep you at your toes. Beaches and waterfront, adventurous excursion and hiking, touring the cable car, kayaking you will just not get enough of the exotic getaway.

Lets Have A Look At Some Of The Must ‘to Dos’ While At Wellington:

1. Enjoy The Joy Ride In Wellington Cable Car

Take this historic trip in the Wellington’s classic cable car that has been running over for more than a century now. Cable car is not any aerial or gondola ride but looks like a tram or a mini railway. Its a 5 minutes ride and starts from the Lambton Quay and will take you through the botanic gardens, Space Place at carter observatory, Cable car Museum and give you a panoramic view of the  hillside terraced houses of Kelburn Village and will finally end at the Upland road, Kelburn. The route of the car has 3 tunnels and three bridge giving you a scenic nature ride.

Enjoy The Joy Ride In Wellington Cable Car

2. Take the Mt. Victoria Lookout Walk

The Mt. Victoria lookout is easily accessible from the city center and will offer you a 360° scenic views of the city. It is 196 m above the city and is obviously Wellington’s must do. You may either take a drive up to the top or else choose one of the several walkway routes that will take you through the bushes or pine forest. You can plan a day’s picnic at the hill top and then enjoy the spectacular sunset and later on take a ride downhill in the bus. It will be a day well spent just relaxing and watching the ferries leave the harbor and the planes fly out of the airport.

Take the Mt. Victoria Lookout Walk

3. Taste Your Way Around The ‘Foodie’ Wellington

Wellington is a city that takes pride in gastronomic reputation. It is said that Wellington has more bars & restaurants per ca-pita than New York. Roasted coffee, regional wines, mouth watering seafood and cultural cuisine with local ingredients. Wellington offers a wide variety of fresh sea produce. The Cuba street is the culinary street with a wide range of ethnic cuisine. Wellington Beef is another traditional and popular dish of the city.

Taste Your Way Around The 'Foodie' Wellington

4. Explore The History And Culture Of The New Zealand At Te Papa

It is named ‘Te Papa Tongarewa’ which means ‘the place of treasures of this land’ and this place truly lives up to its name. Explore the treasures and stories of the country, its natural and unique environment, ancient Maori culture and the art heritage and fascinating history of the land. There are events and exhibition throughout the year and if you are lucky enough you might just land during one.

Explore The History And Culture Of The New Zealand At Te Papa

5. Stroll Along The Waterfront

The waterfront is one of the busiest and coolest hangouts of the city. Queen’s wharf, Te papa, Chaffers Marina and the Oriental Bay and many other buildings are located here. Walk along the water’s edge and enjoy the magnificent views of the Bay. There are numerous restaurants and cafes facing the waterfront. You can just sit and enjoy you snack and drink looking at the sea.

Stroll Along The Waterfront

6. Kayak Or Paddle On The Bay

On a warm day you can just go out kayaking or paddling on the bay and taking in the scenic beauty of the city from the water. Later on head towards the south towards Marlborough Sounds and explore the beauty of majestic stretches of sea drowned valleys and take back some beautiful photography with nature as your background.

Kayak Or Paddle On The Bay

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