6 Amazing Unplugged Vacation Destinations Around The World

A holiday without facebook, twitter, wifi, ipad, blackberry, and all other gadgets! A holiday totally disconnected from technology and connected with nature. Imagine how enjoyable it would be. Stress due to day to day life is pushing for a complete escape into nature, a world that is devoid of internet and modern gadgets. Sounds interesting right! Does such a place exist on the earth? Yes, there are places where you can stay disconnected from technology and allow you reconnect with people, nature and yourself. Read on to know more about such places.

Unplugged Vacation Destinations:

1. Huaorani Ecolodge, Amazonian Rainforest, Ecuador

For people who want to connect with nature and experience every aspect of it, can there be a better place than a forest. Huaorani ecolodge offers you a life changing experience.

The resort is located in one of the Amazon villages where guests can stay in thatched cabins and learn more about the Huaorani culture.

You can know about the tribes, their custom, go hiking with the tribes, and learn how they survive in the forest. This will definitely be once in lifetime experience.

Huaorani Ecolodge, Amazonian Rainforest, Ecuador

2. Yellowstone Under Canvas

Located 10 minutes away from the Yellowstone National Park entrance, the Yellowstone under canvas offers a wide range of adventure filled activities to unwind and revive you.

The comfortable Safari tents, onsite restaurant, smell and sounds of nature, no electricity and a lot of activity will make the holiday one of the best holidays in your life.

Kaykaying, horse riding, fly fishing, amazing wildlife, rafting, zipline canopy tour, guided tours, biking and many more outdoor activities will excite your senses and energize you. All you need to do is switch off your gadgets and get started for more activities in nature.

Yellowstone Under Canvas

3. Saba Rainforest Ecolodge

Saba, a Caribbean island which is considered one of the top diving destinations, is serene and charming. The ecolodge offers an experience beyond comparison and activities that are very thrilling.

It situated near the Crispeen track and is a perfect place to unplug stress.

The cabins in the ecolodge are constructed in the traditional Saba style and surrounded by lush greenery. The solar lighting, composting toilet, hammocks, cool breeze, songs of birds, etc all make you reunite with nature and stay off the grid.

Saba Rainforest Ecolodge

4. Gateway, Colorado

Visitors can have the opportunity to truly disconnect from technology in Gateway resort. The resort has only limited internet connectivity that helps you stay totally connected with nature.

The remote location in the amazing red rock canyons will be a unique and unusual experience.

Mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, fly fishing, and what not, you can enjoy doing all kinds of adventurous outdoor activities in the resort and still feel at home.

Gateway, Colorado

5. Taha’a, French Polynesia

Taha’a Island in Pacific Ocean offers the magnificent sights of nature with its soft mountains, bright beaches, and the green valley.

The flower shaped island is the best place for those seeking escape from modern cities and stressful everyday bustle.

Sea diving is a popular activity where you get to see the yellow coral and white tip sharks. A lot of water based activities and cruising, shopping, over-water bungalows, unique spas, island tours will give you a wonderful experience you will remember forever.

Taha’a, French Polynesia

6. Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

This multi-tiered open air resort is built into a mountainside overlooking the Caribbean Sea. To maintain the Robinson Crusoe vibe, the rooms do not provide any digital distractions. You can enjoy scuba diving or take a dip in the stunning private infinity pool or enjoy custom prepared lunch prepared by a private butler.

Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

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