4 Most Beautiful Beaches In Virgin Islands

Located in North America, Virgin Islands boast of three major islands – St. Croix’s, St. John and St. Thomas from the Caribbean islands group. The place is home to some of the magnificent and diverse beaches of the United States.

Each year, thousands of travelers across the globe visit these beaches to rejuvenate themselves by enjoying the sun and sand, along with some water activities and relaxing time – either alone or in the company of their loved ones. Want to know where exactly to head out to?

Here Are Four Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In Virgin Islands That Should Feature On Your Itinerary:

1. Trunk Bay

Situated at St. John Island, Trunk Bay is considered by many to be the Mecca of beaches. Aquamarine water and pearly sand here is sure to get you right in the mood for some fun.

Remember to try out the Underwater Trail – an excellent snorkeling path surrounded by underwater plaques that let you get a view of the aquatic life from close quarters.

The tranquil water of Trunk Bay allows young snorkelers to relish the experience. It’s advisable to visit the beach in the early morning hours if you would love to enjoy the natural beauty in serenity, away from a loud and jostling crowd.

Trunk Bay

2. Coki Beach

If you want to swim with the fishes, you’ve to visit the Coki Beach at St. Thomas.

You’ll find lots of tropical fishes in the translucent water.

You can spend some memorable time here with your loved ones, enjoying the smooth sand and crystal clear water along with eating and drinking a variety of foods and beverages supplied by the local vendors. While soaking the sun, you can even pick some knick-knacks and memorabilia from vendors selling various products on the beach.

Coki Beach

3. Magens Bay

Being the most celebrated beach on St. Thomas, Magens Bay can easily top the list of most swimmable and photogenic beaches amongst the entire Virgin Islands.

This excellent heart shaped beach makes lots of visitors spellbound every day.

Though the sandy bottom leaves a little room for snorkeling, clear water, white sand and picturesque view are there to make up for it and make it worth a visit.

Magens Bay

4. Caneel Bay

Situated at the northwest side of St. John, Caneel Bay is considered as a highly romantic spot among the entire island.

As the beach is adjoining to ‘Caneel Bay Resort’, very few travelers, other than guests of the resort, have visited it.

You may find it difficult to reach Caneel Bay if you’re not staying at any nearby resort. However, you can arrive there from Cruz Bay via boat, taxi or bike.

Caneel Bay

Now that you’re aware of four of the most beautiful beaches of the Virgin Islands, start planning your itinerary to visit them the next time you are here.

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