12 Top Hotels And Restaurants In Cyprus

Top Hotels And Restaurants In Cyprus

Cyprus is a type of island that is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is just present South to Turkey. This republic is also known as third biggest island that is present in the Mediterranean Sea. It is politically represented in Europe even though it is geographically located in Asia. It is the member of the European Union. It nicely possesses some of the top destinations that attract huge numbers of tourists. You can travel to this country from various places. Nicosia is the capital of the Cyprus Island. With lots of water bodies present, Cyprus will simply add fun in your vacation.

12 Top Hotels And Restaurants In Cyprus:

1. Elysium Hotel

Elysium hotel is a very high class hotel that can cater to various types of customers. It is surely going to be the best time in this hotel as the level of comfort in this hotel is really nice. The location of the hotel is very nice and you will be shocked with the nice landscape architecture of this hotel.

Elysium Hotel

2. Four Seasons Hotel

It is a hotel located in Limassol and is very well famous for its high class service. The restaurants facility that is provided by the hotel is also nice. The renovated rooms of the hotel are also gorgeous. It also provides pool facilities to the customers. It is thus termed as a sensational relaxing hotel in Cyprus.

Four Seasons Hotel

3. Hotel Amathus

Hotel Amathus is a very descent kind of hotel that is located in Limassol. It is just near the beach and thus provides a nice look towards the sea. The price of the hotel is right justified as per the standard of the rooms. The staffs are also trained and who provide right kind of service.

Hotel Amathus

4. Hotel Paradisos Hills

The hotel is the right choice for the visitors who simply want to relax and enjoy their day. It is located in a very nice and calm place. This hotel provides best food facilities at the door step. Simply relax in the hotel and enjoy your taste buds. It is thus highly recommended hotel in Cyprus.

Hotel Paradisos Hills

5. King Jason Paphos

It is a very perfect kind of hotel that is well managed by a team of well experience staffs. The rooms of this hotel are perfect and well maintained from time to time. It is bit expensive as compared to other kinds of hotels due to the high class service along with proper food facilities.

King Jason Paphos

6. Almond Holiday Village

It is a nice tiny place to spend your entire day. You can simply take their service and enjoy without taking tension for the service. The nice and perfect staffs will serve you right at your door steps. The room’s interior is very nice and well maintained. Simply relax and enjoy the food.

Almond Holiday Village

7. Hotel Sunrise Pearl

It is a very excellent form of hotel that has always been on top ratings. Visitors simply like visiting this hotel due to its unique features. The food that is provided by the hotel is very appealing. The team members of the hotel will help you in all possible manners. It is simply a very wonderful hotel in Cyprus.

Hotel Sunrise Pearl

8. Hotel Sunrise Gardens

The ideal location of this hotel is the most interesting fact. The staffs of the hotel are perfectly trained and thus they provide the necessary kinds of services on time. It can become the best and ideal kind of choice for staying and enjoying your vacation. The excellent cuisines also add to one more features.

Hotel Sunrise Gardens

9. La Maison Fleurie

It is a very special kind of restaurant that is located in Limassol. It will be a pleasure visiting this restaurant due to the type of cuisines that it provides. The delicious and mouth watering dishes will make you come back to the same restaurant. Quantity and price of the items are also perfect.

La Maison Fleurie

10. Vivaldi By Mavrommatis

You cannot simply resist towards the tasty and yummy dishes that are served in this restaurant. The dining hall of the restaurant is very superb and well maintained. The perfect staff will take the order and will serve you within shortest time possible. Do not miss this restaurant when you are there in Cyprus.

Vivaldi By Mavrommatis

11. Pyxida Fish Tavern

It is also termed as one of the leading restaurant that is located in the capital city of Nicosia. It is mainly famous for the various types of fish dishes that are quite yummy and affordable at the other end. The overall quality of the food is perfect and thus attracts many food lovers towards it.

Pyxida Fish Tavern

12. Piatsa Gourounaki

It is a nice destination for food lovers who simply want to sit and dine. It provides some of the unique style of food items that cannot be provided by other restaurants. The chicken recipes are really yummy and are cheap too.

Piatsa Gourounaki


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