12 Places To Visit In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a very good nation that lies in the central part of Asia. It was a part of the former soviet republic. This nation is well famous for lots of reasons that will help you go insane. There are lots of mosques as well as natural spots that need to be discovered. You will be simply amazed to have a view of the all the top destination present in Uzbekistan. The scenic beauty of the sand dunes along with several other religious places will simply make your trip successful. You can travel to this country in various ways.

12 Places To Visit In Uzbekistan:

1. Shah I Zinda

This is one of the top places in Uzbekistan that need to be seen at any cost. It is mainly the burial ground of the wives of Emirs. The Mausoleums are really nice by look and huge numbers of people throughout the year. It is located on the top of a hill and is well constructed.

Shah I Zinda

2. Registan

Registan is another type of best place in Uzbekistan that should be visited. It boasts the best mesmerizing Islamic arts in the country. The night view of this place will steal your heart. It is always been a highly recommended place to be visited. The stunning look and cultural importance of the place makes it special.


3. Itchan Kala

Itchan Kala is also termed Khiva. It is also knonw as the center of silk destination. The high lanes of the place is a must watch. It is a high walled city that was developed during older days. The ancient style of mud walls will provide you the best kind of feeling.

Itchan Kala

4. Bibi Khanym Mosque

This mosque is built on the actual Bibi Khanym Mosque that was build during older days. Due to some reason it was destroyed and the present mosque was built on the older one. The architecture that is used on the mosque is a must see while you visit Uzbekistan.

Bibi Khanym Mosque

5. Gur Emir Mausoleum

This Mausoleum also witnesses some of the burial grounds that are special due to its historical importance. This Mausoleum is the main burial place of Timur Lenk and all of his successors. The tombstones of the Timur are recognized by the black one and are also the biggest. You can take a guide who will help you know the place.

Gur Emir Mausoleum

6. Great Minaret Kalon

You will simply be impressed with the type of look of this particular place. The impressive looks along with historical importance make this place very perfect. The architecture as well as few other attributes will make the place very unique one.

Great Minaret Kalon

7. Ismail Samanid

This is a unique type of Mausoleum that has deep secrets with it. The ancient buildings were built at that time and it still intact. You can peep inside of the history and take a glance of it. This fascinating place is not destroyed and you can simply enjoy it.

Ismail Samanid

8. Kalta Minor

Kalta Minor is one of the superb peaks in Uzbekistan. This is also termed as one of the best and tallest type of minaret that is present in Uzbekistan. Earlier it was termed as tallest, but due to some unknown reasons the construction work was abandoned.

Kalta Minor

9. Friday Mosque

Friday Mosque is very good for its silent features that can mesmerize you. It is a masterpiece that is built with lots of efforts and art. The elm columns that are present in this mosque are being collected from various parts of the world. It is also peaceful to be in this mosque.

Friday Mosque

10. Chor Minor

The special charm that this place provides is really superb. It is not present in the city and is bit out of the city. You need to travel a bit to reach this destination. These minarets are very impressive to the tourists. Simply enjoy your trip by adding this place in the list.

Chor Minor

11. Independence Square

This square as usual marks the independence and is thus being well developed with lots of lawns and trees. The trees are well planted and it seems to be very effective. The scenic look of the place will surely blow out your mind. The garden complex along with memorials is the major things to be seen.

Independence Square

12. Metro Taschkent

This is a well clean place and the air seems to be soothing. This place is well guarded with police officials who take care of the visitors. The metro station is so well decorated that you will feel staying there for a while. With proper security and decoration, it is a must visit place in Uzbekistan.

Metro Taschkent

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