12 Hotels And Restaurants In Turkmenistan

Hotels And Restaurants In Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is properly located in the central part of Asia and is properly bordered with the Caspian Sea. It is also covered by Karakum desert. There are lots of things to be done in Turkmenistan and thus it attracts lots of visitors towards it. Most of the buildings were manufactured during older days and thus represent the Soviet style. The monuments are really superb as they contain unique kind of style and architecture. The majority of the population is Muslim and thus the architecture of most of the monuments resembles to that of the Islamic style. Visitors can enjoy the nice view of the country and stay in some of the best kind of hotels.

12 Hotels And Restaurants In Turkmenistan:

1. Sofitel Ashgabat Oguzkent

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If you are really serious about enjoying the luxurious hotel, then this hotel can become your ultimate choice. The hotel’s hospitality service is really nice and you will feel glad to stay over there. With perfect rooms and proper dining services, your trip to the Turkmenistan will definitely become success.

Sofitel Ashgabat Oguzkent

2. Nissa Hotel

This hotel can also be termed as the best hotel in Turkmenistan that can cater to luxurious service. The rooms are nice and are too comfortable. The price of the hotel is also comfortable. There are lots of other facilities such as internet and perfect food facilities for the visitors.

Nissa Hotel

3. Ak Altyn Hotel

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This hotel deemed to be on the top list due to various types of features. The comfortable rooms with hot shower are some of the best features. You can simply enjoy the room service and relax after a long tiring journey. Recreation facilities are also provided in the room to the customers.

Ak Altyn Hotel

4. Merdem

Merdem is a quite good and popular type of restaurant in Turkmenistan that can cater to some of the unique style of food items. This is a bit traditional restaurant that can help you to get yummy food items. The restaurant staffs are properly dressed in old traditional style to make you feel in Turkmenistan.


5. Asuda Nusay

It is also a high rating restaurant that has always attracted huge numbers of people towards it. The food items are unique and are rarely found in other places. The waiters service and the yummy foods makes attractive to the customers to visit the restaurant and order their yummy food items.

6. Altyn Cynar

Altyn Cynar is also one of the best restaurants that can serve you best kinds of non vegetarian’s food items. The outstanding service that is delivered by the staff will also impress you. The food items are also rare and they are prepared with lots of recipes. You will surely like to visit this restaurant.

Altyn Cynar

7. Abrayy Dursun

The best part of the restaurant is the location. It is well located on the market place and is thus always crowded with lots of customers all throughout the year. The delicious food along with proper pricing of the items will attract you a lot. The Japanese cuisines are also nice in this restaurant.

Abrayy Dursun

8. Yelken Yacht

This hotel is located a bit far distance from the city and hence provides a nice environment to stay calm. The rooms of this hotel are quite spacious. All kinds of facilities can be easily found in these rooms. The price is also perfect and hence you will not feel like burning extra cash.

Yelken Yacht

9. Gara Altyn Hotel

You can get one of the top notch services in this hotel due to the proper management and various other factors. The rooms of this hotel are quite impressive along with proper hospitality service. The size of the rooms is quite big and you will feel comfortable in these rooms.

Gara Altyn Hotel

10. Yyldyz Hotel

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It has basically become the most famous hotel in Turkmenistan as the shape and look of the hotel is very superb. You can easily see this hotel from far away distance. the hotel just resembles the style of Dubai. The rooms also provide the best amenities at a perfect price range.

Yyldyz Hotel

11. Hotel Mary

Mary hotel is yet another best kind of attraction that can also provide you proper accommodation facilities. There are best kinds of features of this hotel such as good accommodation, large rooms, friendly staffs, dining space, restaurant facility and many more. Do not miss to stay in this hotel.

Hotel Mary

12. President Hotel

The President hotel can also be counted as the best kind of hotel in Turkmenistan that caters to huge numbers of customers every year. There is a great monument just behind the hotel. The restaurant service along with nice well maintained rooms will surely make your day.

President Hotel

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