11 Best Travel Destination In Maine, America

Maine is arguably one of the most spectacular and beautiful of the continental states in the United States of America and boasts of an array of thing spanning from its rich and diverse flora and fauna, lovely coastal beaches, inland forest regions and yes, the best of seafood ever found in any other part of the world. With this place also being nicknames as “Vacationland”, Maine has some thing or the other to offer to people spanning age groups and thus thinking of visiting this part of America is indeed a great idea. Thus take a break and come to explore the lovely depths of Maine with some if the tips on the best places to explore while here.

Some Of The Best Travel Destinations In Maine, America Are Discussed Below:

1. The Coastal Town Of Kennebunkport

While in Maine, you cannot surely miss to explore the small yet elegant coastal town of Kennebunkport which is located about 12.5 miles south of Portland and is extremely popular in the summer months. This place is interesting due to being home o the Seashore Trolley Museum and the historical collection of the locals restored in the Town House School. One can take a lovely stroll from the Dock Square where most of the galleries and shops of the area are located through to the Walker’s Point. The best part of this region is that you can explore the town for yourself and see the historical homes and buildings spread across and marvel at it all.


2. The Old Fort Western Museum On The Kennebec

Built in the year 1754, the Old Fort Western Museum on the Kunnebec is a lovely wooden fort and is the oldest of its type in the entire New England. Restored pretty well, the fort exhibits all kinds of information about the fort itself along with the history of the region during the middle of the 18th century. Apart from all this there is certain special student education program which gives a detailed info about the place and the region too.


3. The Monhegan Island

Monhegan Island is a small island as the name suggests tucked about 10 miles away from the coastal region of Maine and is mainly a lobstering and fishing area where paved roads are not found. With a population of less than 75 there the popular summer destinations in the region include the likes of Port Clyde, Boothbay Harbor and New Harbor.


4. The Acadia National Park

The Acadia National Park boasts of a beautiful and yet rugged stretch of inland lakes, streams, coastline and forests and is a great place to be for both visitors and locals alike who love to be out doors at any given point of time. With two camp grounds in the park, the place offers hundreds of miles of hiking trails and scenic roads which connects to all the attractions that one cannot forget in their lifetimes.


5. The Bowdoin College Museum Of Art

Located at the college campus in Bruswick, the Bowdoin College Musuem of Art features an array of pieces ranging from contemporary to ancient art. The best part of the place is that the place offers rotational temporary exhibits of gallery talks, symposia, lectures, exhibitions, tours and publications all through the year.


6. The Boothbay Harbor

The Boothbay Harbor was once upon a time a shipping port but in the today’s time it is used as a summer resort which is extremely popular in the summer months. This place is famous for its ocean related activities such as deep sea fishing, ocean and river cruises along with whale watching activities. The downtown region of this place is full of galleries, stores and antique shops which sell everything starting from pottery to toys, jewellery as well as books too.


7. The Victoria Mansion In Portland

The Victoria Mansion is just a symbol of the extraordinary Italian culture that this place exhibits even in its present where this one is a stylish and exotic villa made in Italian style and dates back to as late as the 19th century. Secured and restored to its optimum, the interior details and the exterior architecture of this mansion is a sight to behold where the home is just a glimpse into the lives of the wealthy Portlanders in their times. You would be surprised to note that most of the furnitures that are displayed inside are all original and part of the olden day’s heritage.


Thus, take a trip and immerse yourself into Maine in America and see stress bid you a goodbye for good.

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