10 Things To Do In Pula

Pula can be described as the trump card of Croatian tourism as the number of visitors and wine connoisseurs thronging this city based in the southern tip of the Istria is going high in numbers. Pula has been center of administration of the whole peninsula and was riddled with many wars and annexations in the past. The magnificence of Roman architecture can still be found in Pula with a host of Roman monuments. Though Dubrovnik and Zagreb are the two places people prefer the most, it is the Istrian Peninsula that has a bulk of tourists hooked to it. Another reason for the popularity of Pula is the fact that the city and even the entire country have consistent mild climate, crystal clear sea and nature which has not been rattled by industrialization. Pula has Roman architecture in its full glory and is considered by many a very ideal place for vacationing in the summer.

Here Are The 10 Things That You Could Do In Pula In Your Visit:

1. Brijuni National Park

A visit to Brijuni National Park will be a pretty exciting and fact finding thing to do since this park has been the venue that was used by former Yugoslavian president Marshal Tito for entertaining movie stars and celebrities. The unique factor is added to the park with the inclusion of wild animals that are not native to Croatia. Tito’s museum is a odd inclusion to the to do list since it houses the taxidermied animals that were there when Tito was alive. Visit the Roman Villa in Verige Bay and you will find how evolved Romans were.

Brijuni National Park

2. The Arena In Pula

This is something you certainly will not want to miss out on. The Arena in Pula is fabulous attraction that charges a reasonable amount as entry fees. The arena is undoubtedly one of the best preserved and complete amphitheaters in the world. Not having a photograph in such historic place is the last thing you would like to do.

The Arena In Pula

3. Wine Station Trapan

Have a lot in mind to do and want a good experience? Well, wine station in Trapan will certainly not disappoint you. Enjoy the best quality wines at even better prices. The hosts will make the taste of wines worth remembrance with their sound knowledge and friendly atmosphere.

Wine Station Trapan

4. Floor Mosaic The Punishment of Dirce

The first thing to do would be to get the right map to find this place without any trouble. Once you get there you will be awe of the mosaic pattern in the grille. This historic piece is said to be found after the Second World War, it is said to be revealed after allied forces’ bombings.

Floor Mosaic The Punishment of Dirce

5. Naval Cemetery

The place has lots of grief involved but it is still part of the great stories of the past especially of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. It can also be said that this place is worth visiting for it also showcases the rich and diverse past of the Pula history.

Naval Cemetery

6. Gate Of Hercules (Porta Herculanea)

The underappreciated place is a must for your walking tour in Pula. Right at the top, you have Hercule’s head and his club and you can walk past the gate for a scenic view of the ocean. This is yet another monument in Pula that takes the cake for brilliant preservation and architecture.

Gate Of Hercules (Porta Herculanea)

7. Church Of Our Lady Of The Sea (Mornaricka Crkva)

This church overlooking the ocean is sure to calm you and also lets you know the interesting bits of history. Some of the special relics can be found behind the altar, check out the beautiful frescoes too.

Church Of Our Lady Of The Sea (Mornaricka Crkva)

8. Nesactium

It won’t be wrong to say you will come across a hidden ruin in the middle of the countryside that is well preserved. The views from all the corners are pretty beautiful and quite a lot of portion of the Nesactium is still untouched.


9. Vina Benzaic

This is yet another vineyard which is a wine taster’s paradise. You will definitely learn a lot about Istrian wines and the standard that they produce is beyond everyone’s expectations. Needless to say, it is highly recommended.

10. Piazza Forro

This fun activity will forever remain in your memory as a walk that you might have missed. Piazza Forro’s visit would appear like a visit to someone else’s backyard when in reality it is located too close to resident’s apartment in the area. This has to be one of the fascinating pieces in Pula and why modern construcrion was allowed so close to it is unknown to many.

Piazza Forro

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