6 Must Visit Beautiful Beaches In Cyprus


Beautiful Beaches In Cyprus

Cyprus, with its endless blue skies and miles of pristine shoreline, has inspired and seduced millions of travelers for centuries. This modern island nation conjures up visions of endless summers, gorgeous alfresco dining and stunning beaches. Cyprus, which is one of Europe’s tourist hotspots, is also famed for its warm hospitality. Visitors flock to this country to enjoy its stunning beaches. Read on to discover some of the truly exquisite beaches of this country.

Here Are 6 Must Visit Beautiful Beaches In Cyprus:

1. The Stunning, Nissi Beach

Nisi Beach, an exquisite stretch of nearly 500 meters of powdery white sands, is located in the Aiya Napa province. This beach is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike, for its pristine white sands and crystal clear waters. The warm waters of this beach are ideal for swimming, water skiing and para-gliding. During low tide, visitors can walk across a sandy walkway, to a small island, which is covered with beautiful flowering bushes. After a fun day at the Nisi beach guests can head to the numerous night clubs which are located close to this beach.

Nissi Beach

2. The Exquisite, Coral Bay Beach

The exquisite Coral Bay Beach is located in the west coast of the island. This beach which is situated approximately 12 kilometers north of Paphos can be easily reached by car, motorbike or bus. This horse shoe shaped beach is flanked by vertiginous limestone cliffs. Visitors to this beach can enjoy a plethora of adrenaline inducing water sports as well as family friendly activities. Guests who want to enjoy a spot of sunbathing can hire sun beds and parasols. Some of the popular water sports at this beach include swimming, diving and para-sailing. There are numerous cafes, bars and tourist shops close to the Coral Bay Beach.

Coral Bay Beach

3. The Serene, Lara Beach

This near deserted sandy stretch of beach is located in the north-west coast of the island. This beach is ideal for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Lara Beach is ideal for swimming and sun-bathing. Lara beach also offers visitors an excellent opportunity to study the magnificent Caretta Caretta turtles and monk seals.

Lara Beach

4. The Picturesque, Konnos Bay Beach

Visitors who want to escape the crowds of Aiya Napa can head to the picturesque Konnos Bay beach which is located in the south east coast of Cyprus. Konnos beach which has over 200 meters of fine powdery sands is one of the most magnificent beaches on this island. This beach is bordered by a national forest park which offers excellent walking and hiking trails. This iridescent blue water of this beach is ideal for jet-skiing, sunbathing and swimming. There are numerous convenience stores and restaurants around the beach.

Konnos Bay Beach

5. The Charming, Fig Tree Bay

With its crystal clear waters and powdery golden sands Fig Tree Bay is among the more popular beaches of this island nation. This beautiful beach is located in the popular holiday town of Paralimni. The shallow waters of this beach are ideal for swimming and diving. Wind surfing, water skiing and parasailing are other water sports which visitors can enjoy at Fig Tree Bay.

Fig Tree Bay

6. The Popular, Paramali Beach

Paramali beach is a kite surfer’s paradise. This beach is located in the south coast of the island. Paramali beach gets a steady side on shore wind throughout the year which is ideal for paragliding, kite surfing and para sailing. This beach also beckons visitors to enjoy a spot of swimming and sunbathing. Adrenaline junkies can dive into the azure blue waters from atop the cliffs which rise from one side of the beach.

Paramali Beach


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