Top 10 Things To Do In Budapest

Known as a capital of Hungary, Budapest is famous as a political and cultural city with a large metropolitan area. The river Danube flows in this area. After an Ottoman rule in the olden times, the city became prosperous with a global importance after 1873. Many places considered as a world heritage are situated in the city including Andrassy Avenue and Underground Railway. The synagogue and geothermal springs in Budapest are famous all over the world. A large number of people from all over the world visit the city to see the famous sites and attractions. The city is well connected to Europe through a vast network of roads and railways. There are many places to see and things to do in this city.

Following Are The Top 10 Things To Do In Budapest:

1. See The Hungarian Parliament

If you visit Budapest, you must see the Hungarian Parliament. Built about hundred years ago, it is famous for Neo-Gothic architecture. The building has more than six hundred rooms having limestone walls. There are stairs up to twenty kilometers. Memorial of Lajos Kossuth and 1956 Hungarian Revolution are situated near this place. Visitors take a guided tour of this building lasting for forty-five minutes.

Hungarian Parliament

2. Visit The Great Synagogue

Great Synagogue is a place of religious interest with Moorish architecture as its main feature. The Jews like to pray and worship here. A Jewish Museum situated inside the building of the synagogue displays religious objects and Jewish headstones. A Holocaust Memorial is situated near the synagogue, which is a place with graves of people who were killed during the Nazi rule. See the ‘tree of life’ in this area. You must also see the central rose window in the synagogue.

Great Synagogue

3. Enjoy Cruise On River Danube

Going on a cruise travel is an enjoyable experience in the River Danube. You will get a chance to see the amazing beauty and sights of the Budapest city at night. If you decide to go on an evening sightseeing cruise, you will learn the historical significance of the city on audio headsets. The buildings located on the riverside shine in the dark at night. You can also enjoy a dinner cruise with buffet along with your spouse or partner.

Enjoy Cruise On River Danube

4. See The Royal Palace, Buda Castle

The Royal Palace in Budapest is known among the tourists as a site of world heritage. It has a very big dome that stands tall above the city. The dome is green in color. The National Gallery is situated inside the palace. It is also famous for hosting a history museum. Also, you must visit the Castle District. The famous sites in this area are Matthias Church, Fishermens Bastion and Ruszwurm café. Also, you should see the Buda Castle.

Royal Palace, Buda Castle

5. Enjoy Thermal Baths

Thermal baths of Budapest are famous among the tourists who visit the city. There are many natural thermal springs in the city having hot water. People like to soak the body in then naturally hot water of these springs. Apart from this, you can take massage and steam treatments in this area. It helps in relaxing and having a fun time. The thermal bath offer alternative ways to deal with diseases too. There are pools with an attractive architecture and art detailing.

Thermal Baths

6. Go To The Chain Bridge

People who visit Budapest enjoy going to the Chain Bridge. This is a type of suspension bridge made in 1849. The bridge covers the entire area of the River Danube. It was destroyed in 1945. After that, the bridge was rebuilt in 1949. It is a permanent bridge. The path to the Buda Castle area goes through the bridge.

Chain Bridge

7. Enjoy Shopping And Food At The Vaci Street

Vaci Street is a crowded area in Budapest with historic buildings and luxury shops. People like to enjoy hot drinks and Hungarian food in the restaurants of this area. Do shopping at the boutiques. Buy folk art gifts to take back with you. There are many monuments to see in this area. Spend some time in the cafes also.

Shopping And Food At The Vaci Street

8. See The World War II Jewish Memorial

World War II Jewish Memorial is a must-see place in Budapest. It is situated on the riverside of the river Danube. It is a masterpiece sculpture made in the remembrance of Jews killed in the Second World War.

World War II Jewish Memorial

9. Visit The St Stephens Basilica

St Stephens basilica is a famous church in Budapest city. It is a huge building with a lot of space and paved courtyard. The internal area of this church has very beautiful gold detailing. You must see the paintings displayed in the church. There are kaleidoscopic cupolas and intricate decorations in the church.

St Stephens Basilica

10. Visit The Budapest Cave Church

Budapest Cave Church is another attraction in the city. It is a church situated on a cave near the Gellert Hill. You can see the huge cross on the cave from a distance. There are underground tunnels from this church. See Virgin Mary paintings inside the church.

Budapest Cave Church

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