8 Amazing Places To Visit Northumberland

If you are in England and want to see the real natural beauty, then you should definitely visit the Northumberland. This county is located to the north of the England, this places has the history of about the 14th century. Northumberland is surrounded by the water to one side, there are many beautiful beaches, it has many parks, many castles and other beautiful things, this the best place for your honeymoon. Northumberland attracts many tourists from all over the world, here is the list of the some of the amazing place in the Northumberland to visit.

1. Alnwick Castle:

The address to the Alnwick castle is Alnwick NE66 1NQ, UK. Alnwick castle gives surprise that how can this beautiful castle has been constructed. This place shows how ancient European people lived. Now this place is converted the famous picnic spot, you need to buy the tickets to visit this place, the beautiful place is made up of the big stones, it is surrounded by beautiful garden, it has the dragon quest for the kids, it has the big dining hall, many parties are organized in the evening.

 Alnwick Castle

2. Holy Island, Northumberland:

Northumberland has many beautiful islands, holy island is also an amazing place to visit, it has a small Lindisfarne castle, it is on a small hill, which is surrounded by the sea, many bird in the summer come to this place, it is natural reserve for the birds, the look of the place is pretty awesome from the castle, there are many small beautiful beaches also, you will find many couples enjoying the natural scenery over here.

3. Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland:

If you want to know about the living of the ancient Scottish people, then you should visit Berwick upon tweed, this place is flourished to both side of the river and there is a beautiful bridge over it, the bridge shows us the unique Scottish style of architect, the bridge has footpath, which is always full with the tourists, the view is amazing from this place, you can enjoy the 3 beaches over here, you can have enjoy the sun bath.

Berwick Upon Tweed

4. Ponteland, Northumberland:

Ponte land is a modern town in the Northumberland but it has the history from the 13th century, you can the see the Pele tower which is still standing, people from all over the world come to visit this place every year. Ponte land get its name for the river Ponte, there are shops, restaurants, shopping complexes are there along to the bank of river Ponte, there is a pineland castle also and this castle is visited by the most because it has a secret tunnel in it.

Ponteland, Northumberland

5. Kielder Water And Forest Park:

If you want to interact with the with the animals and nature of the Northumberland, then you should definitely visit to the kielder water and forest park, this place is surrounded by the squirrels, mountain bumble bee, moth and many other, you can also visit to this place with your kids also, it has beautiful lake also, there are small gardens for the picnic, in the middle you will have the kielder center, there is a wild life museum in it.

Kielder Water And Forest Park

6. Hexham, Northumberland:

Hexham is the place where you will get the traces of the roman empire. Hexham is a beautiful castle which has the architect in the gothic style. This place has the museum related to the roman army and some of the arms are of 2000 years ago, this place is surrounded by the natural greenery, there are many inscriptions are there which has the roman language embedded on it.

Hexham, Northumberland

7. Farne Islands, Northumberland:

Frane islands are surrounded by the sea, you need to take the boat to go to this place, this place is full of the sea birds, you can see the razorbills, guillemots, ducks and puffins here, the beaches are made of the sand, you can have the sun bath also, there are many sightseeing places here, you will get small street foods stall near to the beaches, which give you the taste of the Northumberland. In the month of the June and July, this place is always overcrowded.

Farne Islands, Northumberland

8. Hadrian’s Wall Path, Northumberland:

If you want to see the ancient Northumberland, then you should visit the Hadrian’s Wall Path, this path is 84 miles long along to the sea shore, you will come to see many beautiful sceneries while walking to it, people from all over the world come here, sit on the wall and enjoy the beautiful sunset, and you can also get the maximum enjoyment without walking so long, there are many small paths, which also shows you the beauty of the Northumberland.

Hadrian's Wall Path, Northumberland

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