Top 10 Beaches In France

France is known for its tranquil cities, busy ports, beautiful mountains, Mediterranean beaches, wines, and cheeses, and its capital city Paris, which is world-renowned as a fashion and cultural center. Though the options to holiday in France are many, we will discuss the beaches of France lined in the Mediterranean shores, The Atlantic and the Island of Corsica.

The Top 10 Beaches Of France Are:

1. Palombaggia Beach, Porto

Vecchio, France- Surrounded by pine trees and red rocks, this pristine beach is great for swimming.

The white sands offer great grounds to laze around in, take a walk or enjoy the snacks.

The restaurants at the beach side also offer food and this beach is smaller in the area to the other bigger beaches and gets crowded in the season times and is a good place for snorkelers too.

Palombaggia Beach, Porto

2. Hendaye Beach, France

Located in the town of Hendaye, this beach has huge rocks in the middle of the sea. The waves are perfect for surfing and it’s a great place to spend time gazing at the ocean and rocks.

This beach faces the Atlantic ocean and people love to take walks on this 3 km stretch.

There are good restaurants and shops nearby and people can do an excursion of the cliffs around with kids as it does not have steep slopes.

Hendaye Beach, France

3. Plage de la Paloma, French Riviera

An abode of the rich and famous of the European countries, it is a tiny beach located on the rocky peninsula of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. The beach is surrounded by luxury hotels and villas but is open to the public.

Plage de la Paloma, French Riviera

4. Juan les Pins Main Beach

The white sandy beach is a great place to relax and you can sit for hours gazing at the sea or enjoy the food at the cafes and resturants at the beachside. This place is extremely crowded inthe season time i.e. August so people prefer going there in the off seasons to enjoy the calm and serenity of the place.

Juan les Pins Main Beach

5. Cote des Basques

This beach is a mix of sandy, rocky, and wild. There is a beautiful park overlooking the beach and a bridge that connects it to the beach. A perfect place to swim, surf or stroll. You can camp at the nearby places, dine at the local restaurants and shop at the markets around.

Cote des Basques

6. Plage du Sillon, Saint Malo, France

A beach that witnesses phenomenal high tides and low tides, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea, get wet in the tides, or experience the tides smashing against the walls of the promenade. A lot of places to dine around, and catch a glimpse of the ferries entering and leaving the port.

Plage du Sillon, Saint Malo, France

7. Deauville Beach, Deauville, France

A long beach with a neat and clean boardwalk and fun celebrity huts make this beach a fun place to visit.

A good place for spending the weekends away from Paris, the beach becomes very glamourous in September, as it hosts the Deauville film festival.

The beach is an impressive view of colorful umbrellas, cute looking huts to house your belongings, people chilling around and horses galloping on the beach.

Deauville Beach, Deauville, France

8. Le Touquet, France

A huge beach with a slope to the shore, and plenty of white sand to laze around in. Good places to eat and expensive bars at the beach are available to wine and dine. There are lots of activities and fun things for youngsters and kids to do. There is a lot of entertainment on the beach and people who want peace can take a stroll to the lesser populated parts of the beach.

Le Touquet, France

9. Plague de Pampelonne, St Tropez

This beach has the famous st, Topez resorts and celebrities can be seeing frequenting this beach. There are hordes of eating and party places around and beach parties at night are common. It becomes too crowded and at times messy in the season time. With luxury villas, resorts, yatchts and celebs around, it sure feels like a pompous holiday.

Plague de Pampelonne, St Tropez

10. Santa Guilia Beach

August is the season time and if you like calm, it is best to avoid this time of the year. It a lovely beach wth white sand and clear blue waters. Though the beach strip is a little narrow, it is a common site to see beach sports happening, there are boat facilities and a lifeguard facility. Even the resturants offer some good food to the tourists visiting this area.

Santa Guilia Beach

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