8 Best Tourist Destinations In Utah

Utah is a beautiful place of rock formation, spectacular sceneries, landscape, hills, waterfalls and valleys. It is a state of the United States of America which is bordered by the Colorado from the east, Nevada to the west, Idaho to the north, Arizona to the south, Wyoming in the northeast and New Mexico to the southwest. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in the USA of the outdoor refreshment. This place is very popular among tourists for the scenic beauty, rock formation, hiking and skiing.

Here Are 8 Best Tourist Destinations In Utah

1. Arches National Park

This Park is positioned on the Colorado river and outside the town Moab. It is in the area of 76, 679 acres. It is covered with over two thousands naturally made sandstone arches. The most famous arch is the Delicate Arch, which looks like a horse shoe. You have to trek and hike to see the most famous arches and other fascinating rock formations. The popular sites are Fiery Furnace, Double Arch, Devil’s Garden, Park Avenue, The Windows, Broken Arch, Balanced Rock and Sandstone Arch.

Arches National Park

2. Natural Bridges National Monument

It is situated under the 100 miles southeast of Canyonlands National Park. This place will take you to the three sandstone natural bridges, the Kachina, the Sipapu and the Owachomo. Another attraction is the Horsecollar Ruins. This place is the remnant civilization of primeval Native Americans with many broken buildings. You can reach into these places with short hikes.

Natural Bridges National Monument

3. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

This park is located on the Navajo Indian Reservation in the southeastern Utah. It is situated in the 27 thousand miles. This place is full of red mesas, foothills and adjoining desert. The entire area is a picture perfect scenic beauty. Many directors choose this place for filming. This place is very popular for awesome sceneries. You can go to the valley Drive which is 17 miles away from there. When you will drive from the dirt road many rock formations and outstanding scenery will be waiting for you.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

4. Zion National Park

You can reach to the Zion National park in almost three hours drive from Las Vegas. It is one of the most spectacular place with full of sceneries. The best season to visit this park is spring. The waterfalls, beautiful landscape and red rock cliffs just make the place an awesome destination. Hikers can get all varieties of impressive journey, a simple walk to Angel’s Landing hike. Angel’s Landing Hike are the most popular and demanding hike in the park. There are some most beautiful and famous places like Zion Canyon.

Zion National Park

5. Canyon Lands National Park

This park is considered as the Grand Canyon of the Utah. It is divided into three parts. The main and most popular is the Island in the Sky. It has incredible views in the curved canyons below with the view of the snow covered mountains. The other parts of the park also have pretty impressive scenery, The Needles District and the Maze. But these portions are in the remote area.

Canyon Lands National Park

6. Bryce Canyon National Park

This Canyon park is at the height of eight to nine thousand feet up. It has some incredible landscape. The most wonderful and unique sight is the place packed of stone pillars. These stone pillars look like a naturally made amphitheater. The color of the stones is orange and it looks stunning with green trees. The place gets snowfall in winter and spring. The best visiting time is April to October.

Bryce Canyon National Park

7. Park City

If you love to be in the area of snow covered hills and ski then Park City is the right place for you. Park City is the famous skiing destination in Utah. It is just 35 minutes away from Salt Lake City International Airport. There are various ice covered hill in the area which made this place popular for skiing. The ski destinations are Deer Valley Resort, Park City and the Canyons Resort. The ideal time to visit the place is winter. Every year many people come to this place for skiing. The other attractions are biking, hiking, hot spring and forest.

Park City

8. Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

This is the huge rocks and rough landscape which is located in the Utah. It has arches, waterfalls, canyons, hills and forest. The area is in the remote location. But unfortunately this place is less visited by the tourists. But hikers don’t miss to visit this place. This place is popular for the hiking. The lower calf Creek Falls Trail is a very beautiful place for photography.

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

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