10 Spectacular Highlights Of The Southwest USA

Highlights Of The Southwest USA

USA has always entertained the world and has been a prominent nation since the inception of evolution. With many fields, the USA will not disappoint you when it comes to tourism as the country is rich in landscapes and biodiversity. With land running from desert lands to wide stretching prairies, you can always wish for clear blue skies, this is a perfect place to observe the most iconic landmasses possessed by the mother earth.

Let Us See Some Of The Best Highlights From The Southwest USA As They Are Discussed Below As The Following:

1. Monument Valley

Present in the Colorado plateau resembled by a collection of vast sandstone buttes, Monument valley has always been a famous tourist spot. The stunning panorama views of the buttes going about 1500 meters high are eye catching. This place offers extreme weather conditions. The Navajo Tribal park is the major spot hit by the tourists and this national park is the best place to be for a complete experience of this place.

Monument Valley

2. Antelope Canyon

Again a part of Arizona, the Antelope Canyon are present right in the Navajo reservation. The canyon seems like painted in orange but that is because of erosion of Navajo sandstone, with flash flooding as the major reason. Even till date flash flooding is very common, the latest serious damages done in 2006 when the camp had to shut down due to flash flooding for more than 5 months. Different artificial hikes and trials are built around to help the visitors click selfies from deep within the canyon.

Antelope Canyon

3. Cadillac Ranch

Situated in Texas, this was an out of the box idea developed by 2 students in which they tried to change the outlook of architect and built this ranch with the help of useless Cadillac cars in a unique manner. This is also said to show the evolution of Cadillac cars over the years but definitely an eye catching piece of art in the American region.

Cadillac Ranch

4. Carlsbad Caverns

If you never believe in magic then Carlsbad Caverns is a must visit if you are in southwest USA. The intensely beautiful cave with vibrant colors gifted by the nature is one life time experience. The only thing that is artificial there are the long bridged that help you cross deep opening within the cave.

Carlsbad Caverns

5. Grand Canyon

We all are aware about the Grand Canyon and no denying why it is here up in this list. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world and the beauty is a mystery until cracked by actually seeing this place. Not only that, there are dozens of species here and there with famous American Deer standing right at the top of the Canyon.

Grand Canyon

6. Taos Pueblo

Situated in New Mexico, Taos Pueblo is one of the oldest inhabited Pueblo (town or village in Spanish)belonging to the Native Americans. With over a millennium old, this village consists of mud houses that have survived longer than one could have expected and the humble and subtle life of the Natives is beautifully stated by such architecture.

Taos Pueblo

7. Arches National Park

Utah has various touristic options to provide and Arches National Park is one of them. The famous Delicate Arch is its main attraction and can be observed while hiking or camping. The national park is as lonely as it gets with various unhabituated landscapes but can surely provide you with an experience of a lifetime.

Arches National Park

8. Arcosanti

Laying in central Arizona, Arcosanti is an experimental town built by Paolo Soleri who wanted to prove to the world how the earth can be utilized with minimal destruction. The proposed town dealt with urban techniques to survive but sadly was stalled due to Soleri’s death. Nevertheless, the designers and architecture who were working with Soleri are till date looking out for this town which in the modern world has become a tourist destination.


9. Zion National Park

The calmness of the Canyon, the beautiful colors all around the ridges and waterfalls as shown in heaven; if you ever want to visit something similar, then surely you cannot miss out on this National Park in Utah. One of the oldest National parks of USA, this is a perfect place for people looking to hike and feel a little adventurous.

Zion National Park

10. Antelope Islands

The Great Salt Lake of Utah comprises of about 10 islands from which the Antelope Island is the biggest. Tourists here love to swim or take a bike ride though the trials built around the island. The bikes can be hired at a very reasonable price. Make full advantage of the locally available things to make your trip more adventurous.

Antelope Islands

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