8 Safest Places To Visit In Middle East

Middle-East is considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of the Earth surrounded by sea, mountains warm waters and also some beautiful tombs temples and other historical artefacts. The amazing view of Dead Sea gives you an ultimate pleasure. The world’s tallest structures adorned the city all over. Some frequent terrorist attack in some of the places of Middle-East making them unsafe to visit. You need to go through some articles from internet regarding the safe places of Middle-East.

Here Are Some Of The Safest Places You Need To See Prior Your Visit:

1. Jordan

It is a very calm and hostile place to be visited in the Middle-East, you will see a lot of charm and beauty laden the whole place of Jordan.

You can try some exotic food here in Jordan. The people of Jordan are also very polite and helpful.

If you are visiting Jordan then don’t forget to visit one of the new seven wonders of the world that is the ancient city of Petra, which will give you an awesome feeling. You can also float on the soothing Dead Sea or enjoy diving in the soothing waters of Aqaba. From every point of view the place Jordan will never let you down by its charm and beauty.


2. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The entire UAE is regarded as the safest place of the Middle-East, but it is also regarded as the hottest place. Dubai the most sensational place is the centre of attraction of UAE. Dubai is known for its eye catching sky-piercing buildings makes it the paradise on earth. It is also a heaven for the shopaholics as Dubai brings a lot of fashionable items starting from huge collection of garments, appliances, gold ornaments and many more.

World’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa is situated here which is 828 metres high makes it one of the most attractive places of Dubai.

United Arab Emirates

3. Qatar

Qatar is slowly becoming the most popular place in the Middle-East, it is full of beautiful skyscrapers which are very nice to watch, though there are not so famous places present here but still you could find something enchanting

like the famous camel race, Museum of Islamic art work, and some heritage village like Katara Souq Waqif.

4. Oman

Like Qatar Oman has also came on late in the tourist map but now many tourist likes this place more than any other popular tourist attractions of the Middle-East. Visiting Oman will give an ultimate pleasure and slowly it becoming the most popular tourist attraction among the foreigners.

You can enjoy cruise ride in a long inlet called Khor Ash-Sham along with huge variety of Sharks and Dolphins.

A visit to the village called Nizwa will give you an opportunity to see the grandest fort of Oman.


5. Israel

Though some recent activities made Israel an unsafe place to visit but still it is advisable that you may visit this place by making your trip at the northern part only as the southern part may be a bit treacherous, the areas like Alpine, Vineyards and Pristine beaches will give you a pleasure to visit.

You must keep some time to travel to the holy city of Nazereth which will make you feel sacred.


6. The Nile Egypt

Though all the political unrest are going on in Egypt still Egypt will make its place on the top of the list during your travel to Middle-East.

With the symbols of ancient history spreading all over the Egypt making it one of the best place to visit especially for the history lovers, you could see the pyramid of Giza, and various other pyramids the Sphinx etc.

You can also go for spending a pleasant time along the great river Nile as it is quite safe to visit now. While visiting the pyramids make sure that you are visiting them with proper guide.

The Nile Egypt

7. Istanbul Turkey

It is advisable to visit Istanbul by researching about the places which are safe to visit.

Though the climate of scorching sun during summer makes this place a big no to visit during summer but it is a nice place to visit during the winter and spring time.

With all those exotic Islamic design mosques and grand bazaar makes Istanbul worth visiting.

Istanbul Turkey

8. Cyprus

Millions of tourists visiting every year making this place a very popular tourist destination of the Middle-East, thus making it a relatively safe place to visit.

Travelling in the beaches will give you the most enchanting feeling, as they are known as the golden beaches surrounding by the ruins of medieval period.


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