8 Enchanting Things To Do In Nova Scotia

Lashed by the sea and swept by the wind, rugged in landscape and filled with hardy people, Nova Scotia one the main maritime provinces of Canada, offers visitors a rich experience like never before. With its vertiginous cliffs, scenic parks, wide open spaces and emerald green fields Nova Scotia’s landscape is filled with prismatic colors that fill one heart with joy. This province is also a melting pot of different cultures which manifests itself in the form of a lively art and music scene. To discover some of the truly enchanting things to do in this beautiful province, read on.

Here Are 8 Enchanting Things To Do In Nova Scotia

1. Enjoy A Stroll Along Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

One of the longest boardwalks in the world, the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk is located in the historic port city of Halifax.

This 3.8 kilometer long wooden ( partially paved) walkway extends all the way from Pier 21 to Casino Nova Scotia.

Besides enjoying the mesmerizing views of the sparkling blue sea, visitors can also explore numerous quaint shops, beautiful galleries and classy restaurants which edge the boardwalk.


2. Tour The Fortress Of Louisbourg National Historic Site

The Fortress of Louisbourg a National Historic Site is set on the rocky shoreline of Cape Breton. A visit to this spectacularly recreated fortified town allows one to part the mists of time and travel back to the 18th century when Cape Breton, was the darling of the New World. Besides studying the superb exterior architecture of this fortress town, visitors also get the wonderful opportunity to enjoy beautiful walking trails, a brooding fortress and even fishing wharves. Visitors can stay overnight at the varied accommodations which range from B&B to log cabins which are scattered around this historic site.


3. Relax At Halifax Public Gardens

Located in the heart of Halifax, the Halifax Public Gardens, is one of the best extant examples of a beautiful Victorian era garden in Northern America.

This 16 acre garden was formally inaugurated in 1867. The Halifax Public Gardens was chosen as a National Historic Site of Canada in 1984.

Scattered throughout this garden, which is home to different kinds of rare and exotic species of flora, are beautiful statues, urns and ornamental fountains. There are numerous beautifully laid out walking trails throughout the garden.


4. Hike Along Skyline Trail

The picturesque Skyline Trail is located in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

This trail, which is nearly 7 kilometers long, snakes its way along a spectacular highland cliff.

People of all skill levels can tackle the main trail. However, the walk towards the headland is a bit tricky. A walk along this beautiful trail affords visitors the rare opportunity to study native species of flora and fauna. On a clear day one may even get the rare opportunity to spot blue whales and humpback whales frolicking in the sparkling waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.


5. Visit St John’s Anglican Church

St John’s Anglican Church is located in Lunenburg. This church is built in the Carpenter Gothic style – a North American architectural style.

This beautiful church was built in 1753.

St. John’s Anglican Church was constructed as a meeting place for the members of the local community. The church has undergone intensive restoration work after a devastating fire destroyed the heritage structure back in 2001.


6. Tour Fort Anne National Historic Site

Step back in time by visiting Fort Anne, a National Historic Site which is located at the confluence of the mighty Annapolis and Allain rivers.

This fortified complex which is spread over 15 hectares of land is the living reminder of the conflict between the different empire builders.

Some of the character defining architectural features of this historic fortification include the remnants of the officer’s quarters, the dry stone retaining wall as well Queen’s wharf ruins among others.


7. Tour The Beautiful Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park is one of the top tourist attractions of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. This beautiful wooded park is located at the very end of the Halifax peninsula.

The 75 acre Point Pleasant Park is filled with plenty of fun activities for the whole family.

Adrenaline junkies can hike along the numerous well laid out walkways which snake their way through the park. This park is also home to several early fortifications. Nature lovers can catch a glimpse of rare flora and fauna at the park. Another stellar attraction of Point Pleasant Park is a fully supervised beach.


8. Visit Maritime Museum Of the Atlantic

Experience the rich maritime legacy of Nova Scotia by visiting the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. This museum which specializes in the marine history of Atlantic Canada is located in the heart of downtown Halifax. A visit to the museum affords people the rare chance to connect with the stories of the early settlers who played an important role in shaping the rich history of the province. Visitors to this museum can study the displays of small crafts, shipwrecks, photographs, maritime equipment as well as the portraits of several ships.


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