7 Interesting Things To Do In Saint Lucia

Crowned by the soaring volcanic mountains of the Pitons and with its crescent shaped beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, reefs, lush mountains and geothermal attractions, St. Lucia is indeed the queen of the Caribbean. A guide to the best attractions is given here. This Caribbean island has a lot of dramatic places where the visitors must stopover other than the gorgeous beaches. Read on to know what they are.

Things To Do In St Lucia:

1. The Pitons

Raising tall from the sea base, the twin towering mountains that were formed due to the volcanic activity millions of years ago is a prime topographic feature with breathtaking views. The mountains covered with lush emerald colored vegetation are a favorite spot for the scenic beauty and one of the most loved hiking trails. Travelers also take the boat onto the water to simply view the two peaks and the colorful marine life near the peaks.


2. Marigot Bay

Marigot bay is definitely the most beautiful bay in St Lucia with stunning hillside, gorgeous white sand shoreline, swaying palms, yachts, and blue waters. All these make the bay the most romantic and great place to escape on a holiday. Climb the hills to enjoy the amazing views of the bay from the hillside. The trek is easy and includes an excellent freshwater bath too.


3. Anse Chastanet

This is again a fantastic beach where you can enjoy a lot of adventurous water sports in the clear blue sea. The unspoiled nature, attentive staff and the beautiful shoreline make it the best place to have fun and relax. The beach views are stunning and you can go snorkeling and diving here. The sea life is amazing and very interesting.


4. Diamond Botanical Garden And Fall

This sightseeing spot boasts three attractions, the garden, waterfall and hot spring bath. The garden looks beautiful with tropical flowers, shrubs, coconut trees, cocoa, red cedar, mahogany and a lot more plant species from around the world. The waterfall is a feast to the eyes with changing colors due to the mineral mixture that flows down. A bathe in the hot springs mineral baths is soothing. Overall, the Diamond garden and falls is a place to refresh you and appreciate nature.


5. Sulfur Springs Park

This is the only drive-in volcano in the Caribbean that emits sulphuric steam and features sulphuric pools where you can take a dip safely. The active volcano will fascinate you and the sulfur pool dip will refresh and make your skin smooth. The only thing that concerns is the rotten egg odor of the fumes emitted, so watch out.


6. Soufriere

This colorful fishing village is bounded by a bay. The beauty of the village can be witnessed from the main road that leads to Vieux Fort. Founded in the year 1745, the prominent features of the town include the town square, which has the guillotine created during 1780 French Revolution period. Besides that there are several structures with filigreed balconies and the Church of Virgin Mary.


7. Rainforest Walk

A walk through the beautiful rainforest of St Lucia is a great way to explore the unique topography and ecology of the island on foot. You will learn about the distinct flora and fauna of the forest. Blue mahaut trees, colossal gommier trees, native birds like the mangrove cuckoo, black finch and the wild nutmeg and wild anthurium lilies are some of the beautiful things you can witness on this impressive trekking trip.


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