10 Things To Do In Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines is located at the southern part of Caribbean which is about the main island which is the St. Vincent along with a chain of smaller islands. While in this lovely Caribbean nation one should not miss out on the chic private isles, yacht-filled harbours, and the lovely volcanic landscapes, and is also known as the most tempting of the sailing destinations in the world and is bordered with white sandy beaches and the greenery you cannot take your off from! Thus, we are here talking about some of the great things that you should not miss out doing and experiencing while in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on a trip in there.

Some Of The Spectacular Things To Do Include The Following:

1. Canouan

This is an isolated island in the part of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines which draws tourists to it due to innumerous luxury resorts, world- class spas and breathtaking and spectacular coral reef stretch which is just unimaginable. With the lovely sandy beaches and the trekking path which takes one to the overlooking mountain range, all makes this a must visit place and dry all that this place offers!


2. Bequia

This is perhaps one of the islands tucked at the northern most tip of the Grenadines chain of small islands and calls the seafarers and the beach combers who love the calm waves of the water bodies , the golden beaches and the calm ambience. This beach is for the laid back to take a troll, eat and read maybe and the nearby steep hill formations can be trekked and the boat rides are as amazing.


3. Macaroni Beach

This is one of the serene and less people prone beaches in the islands of Grenadines and speaks loud of people who just want to enjoy a sun bath looking at the turquoise blue water and the golden white sand stretch and maybe do some sea surfing at times. The pine trees are to give immediate relief and the idyllic ambience is as intriguing as anything else!

Macaroni Beach

4. Snorkelling And Scuba Diving Experiences

In case you are already mesmerized with the exotic and stunning beauty that these islands has in offer on the ground, you must try and venture into the waters and see what jewels that it has on the offer and trust me, you are going to thank me later! St Vincent islands are also known widely as the “Critter Capital of the Caribbean” and you can thus experience a lot of underwater splendour as in the likes of reef sharks, manta rays and frog fishes among others. With many diving spots and snorkelling and scuba diving spots these islands are incredible.

Snorkelling And Scuba Diving Experiences

5. The Hiking Fun

This is an hikers and explorer’s paradise of sorts where the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines islands offer all a chance to hike on the nature’s trails such as on the La Soufriere volcano, the Rabbaca trails and many more of its likes! Go hiking people and it should not be missed for sure.

The Hiking Fun

6. Tobago Cays

Known majorly for its diving, sailing and snorkelling experiences, this is a cluster of small islands which are inhabited and boasts of Grenadine’s most clean waters, exotic marine life and bright coral reefs and is also one of the wildlife reserves where yatches are not allowed in order to keep the natural beauty intact.

Tobago Cays

7. Saltwhistle Bay Beach

This is yet another beach line which is characterized by powdery sand stretch where surfers and swimmers flock to enjoy the crystal clear waters and the sun bathers enjoy the rays under the grape and the pine trees. Lovely!

Saltwhistle Bay Beach

8. The Botanic Gardens

This garden is located in the main island of St Vincent which is a lush and green 20 acre park which beholds the title of being the longest standing botanical gardens in the entire Western Hemisphere and its origin dates back to 1765! This place houses some of the most exotic trees and old ones at that and a guided tour can be pretty fruitful.

The Botanic Gardens

9. Mustique

Mustique is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the Caribbean sea after Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister decided to relocate there and since then this island has become pretty upscale with lavish cottages at the backdrop of picture perfect sandy beaches and cerulean waterline. Due to its upscale features this one is not at all cheap and extremely expensive while on the visit for just about anything!


10. Mayreau

Mayreau is a lovely stretch of sandy beach which is also home to one of the small and hilly villages in the region and is known for its serene and quite ambience. The diving experience and the villagers are all that you would want on a trip im here fro sure!


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