Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Bali

Bali is the abode of Hindu culture, temples, natural charismatic beauty of the ocean and some great cultural and amusement parks. The beach activities are the most sought after and the pristine waters offer a great relaxing holiday. Though a person can be spoiled for choice of activities to do on this island, we have brought forth the 10 most sought after things to do when on a holiday to this island destination.

The Top 10 Things To Do In Bali Are

1. Tanah Lot Temple

Mounted on a huge rock that is surrounded by the sea, this temple is said to guard the spirits of the sea.

There are various onshore facilities for the travellers with smaller temples, eating joints, shops, and cultural parks, the temple is located 20 km northwest of Kuta, in the Beraban village.

The rock on which the temple stands has faced erosion due to the sea waves and has been restored in the past and now consists of 1/3 artificial rock.

Tanah Lot Temple

2. Uluwatu Temple

Located at about 15 miles south of Kuta, this sacred temple is a hoard of locals, tourists, and monkeys! Perched on the cliff top, this sea temple lies on the southern Bukit peninsula.

The Tanah lot  sunset is a beautiful experience and the nearby amphitheatre hosts fiery dances on sunset and the monkey forest borders the temple.

The view of the mesmerising sunset and the feel of the sea waves lashing against the cliffs on which this beautifully architectured temple stands, make this place a must visit on a trip to Bali.

Uluwatu Temple

3. Kuta

When in Bali, this beach town is a must visit as it is the hub of beach activities, nightlife and entertainment. The Kuta beach is the place for surfers, sunbathers, divers and much more.

Shopping restaurants, bars, cafes, water parks and a lively nightlife, Kuta is 10 min away from the Ngurah Rai International airport and 20 km from Sanur.

This is where the local businesses thrive and the rates are very competitive and negotiable due to the concentration of local businesses in this area.


4. Kintamani

This town is located in the northern region of the island, about 31 km from the town of Denpasar and consists of a mountain volcano and a lake alongside.

These features are both called Batur and you can spend time in the mountains hiking or bird watching, or row a boat in the lake.

Pura Ulan Dulau Batur is a temple located on the north-west shore of the lake, which is a good place to visit. The adjoining villages in Kintamani offer decent places of lodging and dining if a night stay or meals are required.


5. Jimbaran

Housing great luxury beach resorts, the sandy shores, and amazing seafood reckons its travellers.

The sunset is a lively time with people thronging to the beachside cafes and bars to witness the natural beauty of the sun.

The place was a quiet fishing town once upon a time but now has been transformed into the most sought after luxury spots where an opulent table spread is awaiting you at the beach.


6. Waterbom

If you are travelling with kids, waterbom is a must visit. Tremendous rides like boomerang, macaroni, and superbowl are the adreline pumping rides and lazy river being the slower ones. It is located in the town of Kuta and huts too can be purchased for spending the day.


7. Besakih Temple

Situated at 100 m at the slopes of the Mt. Angung, this temple is known as the mother temple of Bali. It houses 3 temples of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva and is the largest of all Balinise temples.

The temple area is surrounded by 18 sanctuaries of different caste groups.

It is a world heritage site, and the location on the mountain and numerous steps leading to it, give the temple a mystical charm.

Besakih Temple

8. Bali Safari And Marine Park

Bali’s largest animal theme park, this park is the abode of over 60 species that find this place their homes, owing the the close mimicing of their natural habitats.

Bus rides around the park is undertaken and animal talent shows, and marine shows are held regularly.

Animals from India, Indonesia, and Africa are housed here and the most magnimaous is the white tiger from India. You can even take a dip in the waterpark if you get an extra pair of clothes along.

Bali Safari And Marine Park

9. Nusa Dua

This place competes with Jimbaran owing to its tourist appeal of luxury resorts, golf courses and spas. Though the place is not for tourists looking for serenity and calm, as it is extremely populated and commercial.

The Gegar beach is the local beach and has soft white sand and pristine waters making tourists rave about the place.

The connectivity to this place is good and dining and shopping places are numerous.

Nusa Dua

10. Sanur Beach

This beach area is for families, with the soft sandy beaches and charming broadway. It lacks the loudness of other commercial hubs like Kuta, but thats the charisma of this place. This beach on the town of Sanur is at the southern coastline of Bali, and has some good resort properties and decent places to dine and shop.

Sanur Beach

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