5 Must Visit Important Attractions Of St. Helena Island, UK

One of the remote places in the world the island of Saint Helena is located in South Atlantic on the east of Africa on world map. Though this island was discovered by Portugal in 16th century it soon became a place where British used to keep their prisoners and important political persons. Napoleon was exiled in Saint Helena. Now a complete British territory Saint Helena has every interesting attractions tourists of different tastes can love. The island is trying to improve its infrastructure for tourism fast. The capital of Saint Helena is Jamestown. There are some good hotels in Jamestown where a tourist can stay. If you plan to visit this place you can start your tour from Jamestown.

Here Are 5 Must Visit Important Attractions Of St. Helena Island, UK:

1. The Museum Of St. Helena, Jamestown

When you visit a place that is not so well known to the world,  you should visit the local museum first where you can get all the information about the development and history of the place. This museum in Jamestown is situated in a vintage warehouse. But it has all the articles and objects that are well organized and connected with the history of the island. The museum has information about natural resource of the island too. In a word it is a very informative place that a tourist should not miss.


2. Jacob’s Ladder, Jamestown

An amazing and unique attraction or sight of Saint Helena that can be seen in Jamestown. It is actually an inclined surface with almost 700 steps that serves as a connector between Jamestown and Half Tree Hollow a high hill area. Materials from farming fields on that hill are brought down in the town through this ladder. There are railings on either sides and slopes to move cart also. This thing was built in 1829. If you are fit and your health allows then you can climb it. But unfit tourists should not try to climb this one.


3. Rhine House Mansion of Beringer Vineyard, Napa

The island of Saint Helena has number of vineyards where quality wine is made. One of the oldest vineyards is Beringer Vineyard located in Napa Valley. It was established in 1876. In 1884 here the Rhine house mansion  was established by Frederick and Jacob Beringer that now serves as the tasting room and main attraction of this vineyard. Apart from wine tasting a tour of this old house also can satisfy you with vintage furniture and other articles.


4. Robert Louise Stevenson Museum, Silverado

If you are a fan of such classic English novels like kidnapped, Treasure island etc then you should not miss this not very big in size museum that is dedicated to the great author Robert Louise Stevenson. Stevenson had spent some years of his life traveling and staying in different islands of Pacific ocean. It is said that he had spent some miserable years of his life in a small town of Napa valley in Saint Helena too. Now articles and objects connected with this famous author are kept in the museum located in public library for tourists to see. There are some rare manuscripts also that can be seen here.


5. The Residence of Napoleon, Longwood

It is already told that Napoleon was exiled in Saint Helena. He spent his last years here in this house in Longwood. Though the house is renovated and much of its original inside materials and objects were moved to other places still it houses a museum with exact replicas of those objects and furniture. This museum is run by French govt. The house has beautiful garden around it also.


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