10 Magical Spring Destinations In Europe

Europe is an excellent choice to visit during the springs as the continent starts rising to warmer temperatures after a dormant winter. Moderate temperatures, sufficient daylight makes it ideal for a refreshing spring getaway. Spring dawns in Europe in the Mid March and ending in June. You will encounter light drizzles making it even more happening if you fall among the rain lovers. Also you will find less visitors on the streets in most of the cities letting you relax from the bustling life.

Lets Explore The Places To Visit In Europe In Springs:

1. Florence, Italy

Spring is the most alive season in Florence. Vibrant sunshine, festivals and open air restaurants have always lured travelers to the city. Spring starts in march here and the sun is slightly warmer initially. You will encounter slight showers too. The streets are full of tour buses and pedestrians walking along.

         Florence wakes up during spring time. Spring scents up the air in Florence.

Florence, Italy

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The City of Canals blooms during the spring after a long wintry spell, along with its tulips. Get out to the parks and gardens in the warm sunlight and touring the city through the canals. The city is covered with colorful tulips.

The King’s Day witnesses a rush of million travelers painting the city to orange with orange outfits enjoying boat, street & house parties.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

Spring in Copenhagen is beautiful and magical. The city is deserted during the cold winters but the roads are full of travelers at the dawn of spring. The temperatures are mild up to 8-12 degrees letting you enjoy the warm sun. Then there is the Brazilian styled carnival and a number of beer tasting events too for your option.

Distortion- the amazing street music event which is held in the start of June every year.

Copenhagen, Denmark

4. Vienna, Austria

Springs in Austria are pleasant and warm with relatively little rain and sun shinning a lot especially in the month of May. You can expect as much as 7- 8 hours of sunshine everyday giving you ample time to explore city before you welcome the cold hours of the night.

Though you may still have to get on the roads in the Jacket or a pull over blanket when it rains, the other days are dry and warm for you to plan your itinerary. 

Vienna, Austria

5. Prague,Czech Republic

The best time to visit Prague is spring and early fall as you will find pleasant climate and less crowd on the road. By the end of March the temperature starts getting warmer, then ranges between 10-20ºC in May & June and the city starts blooming with fantasy of colors.

The Prague Spring International Music Festival held every year showcases talent from all over the world. 

Prague,Czech Republic

6. Nice, France

Blooming apple trees, new green leaves and the fragrance of colorful blossoms makes the air of this French city alive and rejuvenating. Explore the French Riviera and soak yourself under the shining sun along the sea. The spring  is synchronous with the Cannes International Film Festival held in the neighboring city increasing the visitors enjoying the spring year by year.

Using the Train you can take day trips to visit the nearby riviera cities.

Nice, France

7. Seville, Spain

Seville comes alive with fantastic festivals, colorful displays, bustling outdoors during the spring. ‘Azahar’- the beautiful citruses’ white flowers are seen all over the city. Seville being the cradle to modern bull fighting, you can admire this most controversial and traditional sport of Spain during your visit. The Seville Fair too is held every year two weeks after Easter, so you may enjoy that you if you are visiting in early spring.

Spectacular blue sky and sunny days brings out the best of Seville.

Seville, Spain

8. Santorini, Greece

The Santorini Island is surely one of the perfect destinations for a spring break. If you are looking forward for a relaxing holiday admiring the doomed churches and watching the sunsets from the cliff, spring is the perfect time for you. It has a mild climate in April, May and October. Blazing sunsets, white washed houses, Enchanting crystal clear sea will surely let you have a pleasant vacation.

Enjoy the uninterrupted view of the sea and a peaceful holiday with less crowd warring around you 

Santorini, Greece

9. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest too is not left untouched by the Spring fever. Budapest is popular for its outdoor cafes and rooftop terraces and as the sun starts shinning brighter these places get inhabited again after a hibernating winter in this Hungarian capital. Spring kicks off soon after Easter and is followed by the famous ‘Budapest Spring Festival’ and May Day

  The Festival draws thousands of visitors to the city every year displaying several orchestral, operatic and artistic performances.

Budapest, Hungary

10. Lisbon, Portugal

This Portugal capital has a warm weather suitable for a relaxing spring break. It gets hot at times and you may witness heavy rains too. But you will find one or the other festival always there through out the spring or you may even choose to enjoy going for cultural exhibitions or even the pubs.

Enjoy your spring at Estufa Fria and the National Botanical Gardens among the blossoming flowers.

Lisbon, Portugal

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