5 Best Luxury Resorts In West Virginia

Of course West Virginia is one of the better known places where one can visit some of the coolest destinations including snow capped mountains or simply the place into the wilderness. The second smallest state in the US may be small in size but has a range of exotic locations that could be visited for multiple times. But there are also a certain section of tourists that prefer quality stay in beach resorts that have more homely surrounding where they can also get anything but privacy and less chaotic environment for they are surely not the mass followers, they are a class of their own.

Fortunately, tourism sector of West Virginia has ticked the beach resort box pretty impressively. Therefore, you can find some of the most well maintained lush green beach resort that provide cleanest atmosphere that lets you relax and unwind for good.

Here Is The List Of 5 Best Luxury Resorts In West Virginia That You Might Want To Book Before It Is Too Late:

1. The Greenbrier

So great is its significance in the entire West Virginia as luxury resort that has become the globally acclaimed showpiece of the luxury resort industry in the state. It is located very close to the breathtaking Allegheny Mountains and offers a bevy of amenities for guests that include golf course, gymnasium, swimming pool etc. Most of the amenities are free and some of the most visited place in the vicinity is also nearby.

Visit The Greenbrier

The Greenbrier

2. Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins

The beach resort that wears the old world décor and structure has plenty of modern amenities that will keep you pretty much in sync with the outer world. Harman’s luxury resort definitely completes the idea of a perfect getaway with family. You are probably going to delight yourself with some fishing activity while this clean and well maintained, country setting inspired beach resort keeps you delighted!

Visit Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins

Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins

3. ELKS Spring Resort

This is another great beach resort in West Virginia that seems to be unrated perhaps because it is not frequented much. Nevertheless the vintage-in-feel beach resort will surely not disappoint you with their excellent staff and reasonable price tag for a night’s stay. You will also get some really well decorated cabins, large rooms with spa. Apart from enjoying the food that they serve, you can also gorge on your favorite dishes of fish provided you want to go fishing. Though the resort offers free wi-fi, the cell phone network coverage may not be stable; which could be an idea of a perfect getaway for some!

Visit ELKS Spring Resort

ELKS Spring Resort

4. Bavarian Inn

Such is the beauty and grandeur of the luxury resort that you may confuse it with some European estate. This is perhaps the best property to have a view of the Potomac River and some of the landmarks that are situated nearby. Gourmets can help but gorge on the Bavarian cuisine in their extremely cozy rooms. While Shepherdstown, you are going to get enticed by the casinos too.

Visit Bavarian Inn

Bavarian Inn

5. North Fork Mountain Inn

The resort also serves as a venue for wedding but the wilderness is what you will get the most in your stay at this resort. Small family vacationers have been frequenting this resort for quite some time. The inn also gives you the more desired pollution free environment too. Think of finding a better resort for unsurpassed views of the mountains, delicious foods, warm hosts and you might end up being hard pressed.

Visit North Fork Mountain Inn

North Fork Mountain Inn

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