10 Top Places To Visit In Oia, Santorini, Greece

Santorini is a Greek island surrounded in lure and secrecy. It is referred as the crown jewel of Greece. Santorini is one of the top destinations for Greek people, and of late it has become a popular honeymoon spots for couples in the world. The city formed out of a series of cataclysmic volcanic explosions that struck over the 1000 years. The explosions resulted in sudden and beautiful cliffs, scenic ocean views and ebony volcanic rocks.

1. Aqua Vista Hotel

The hotel is leader of the hospitality industry in Santorini with many luxurious properties under its belt. Five star boutique accommodations, incredible caldera views from the hotel that makes it a perfect place to enjoy your honeymoon.

Visit Aqua Vista Hotel

Aqua Vista Hotel

2. Donkey Brewery

The island is home for making wine and donkey brewery is the best. It produces three brews crazy, yellow and red that caught the imagination of local and international tourists. Donkey brews is among top five brews in Greece.

Donkey Brewery

3. Oia

It is a remote village located in north part of Santorini. It is developed on the rim of caldera and one of the picturesque villages in Santorini. Oia is famous for viewing the sunset and one can hear the sound of clicks in thousands on Canon cameras by Japanese tourists.


4. Imerovigli

This village is right to Phira and one can see the destruction of houses due to earthquake. The damaged houses are not still rebuilt. From here you can watch the sunset and record and you can enjoy the night life here.


5. Kamari Beach

Kamari beach offers plenty of dining and shopping choice for tourists. Walk along the beach and quest your thirst with a chill drink under a thatched umbrella. The beach encircled by jagged cliffs of Mesa Vouno and Profitis Illias mountains and Aegean waters.

Kamari Beach

6. Ancient Akrotiri

A pleasant spot to visit and you can see the preserved houses and wall paintings that stood among the ruins. In this place enjoy your food in grand ‘’tavernas’’ constructed inside the rock. Make a short trip on a traditional boat will take you to ‘’Kokkini akti’’ and ‘’Aspri akti’’ (means ‘’red beach’’ and ‘’white beach’’) and an old volcano ‘’Palea kammeni’’.

Ancient Akrotiri

7. Go For A Donkey Ride In Fira

Donkeys and Santorini cannot be separated like pigeons and the Pizza San Marco. The donkeys are important part local tourism operators and helping the tourists to go up and down the 588 steps leading to old Fira harbor. The cost for donkey ride is 5 Euros and one can see a slew of donkeys with its riders on both sides of the road.

Go For A Donkey Ride In Fira

8. Phira

This is the capital of Santorini and situated on the right to the caldera. The place offers plenty to view; stepped alleys, Cycladic domed churches, sun bathed terraces, a deep blue sea and an ever threatening volcano. During your stay enjoy the sunset in the backdrop of classical music.


9. Perissa

This is a black sand beach like at Kamari. Here the dark blue sea grows deeper unexpectedly and the rock of Mesa Vouno is some of the prominent spots to enjoy. Here you can also see historical remains of Ancient Thera that is accessible by a steep pathway from Perissa.


10. Pyrgos

The village of Pyrgos is a perfect example of an equipped Cycladic village. The streets follow the contours of the hill and surround the village like belts. Pyrgos is one of the largest villages in Santorini and from here you can see all the points of the island.


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