10 Top Places To Visit In Ethiopia

Commonly known as the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is a rugged looking country which has beautiful landscapes and mysteries to be uncovered. So if you are planning on a vacation this season, then let us find out the top 10 places you wouldn’t want to miss.

Here Are The Top 10 Places To Visit In Ethiopia

1. Lake Chamo

It’s the famous crocodile market (a local joke), although the crocodiles aren’t for sale. Here you can see the crocodiles on the banks of the lake and move to and fro in the water. You can opt for boat trips and see these crocodiles really close and may be some hippos too.

Lake Chamo

2. Tigray’s Monasteries

Surrounded by the cliffs, there are various churches and monasteries which will give you a spiritual and fascinating view of the life of the people in Ethiopia. In fact, you can also team up for adventure here as some of the monasteries can be reached only by ladders and ropes.

Tigray's Monasteries

3. Blue Nile At Lake Tana

A fascinating place out of all is the Lake Tana. You can see the fishermen glide over water with their traditional Papyrus boats. You can find priests and other ancient monasteries which are decorated with murals which signify instances from the bible. It’s just Bedazzling.

Blue Nile At Lake Tana

4. Addis Adaba’s Hidden Gems

At 2,440m of altitude, there are hidden treasures with multiple charms here. You can find an Ethnographic museum and National museum here, also signifying the orthodox beliefs of the people.

Addis Adaba's Hidden Gems

5. Alleys Of Harar

Once upon a time, this place was famous as a commercial hub for both Africa and Arabia. Whoever has visited this place has found the ambience which was once there and you can safely say it is enchanting. There is an unusual yet appealing ritual where hyenas are fed every evening in the outskirts.

Alleys Of Harar

6. Simien Mountains

If you are an adventure seeker and love trekking then this is just the right place for you. With the Rift valley moving down, this is the finest trekking place in the entire continent. This is also the home for “bleeding heart” baboons. You can guarantee it that you will get to see them.

Simien Mountains

7. Aksum

History says Aksum was the home of Queen Sheba, and now the final resting grounds of The Ark of the Covenant. The obelisks and Northern Stelae fields are mainly the attractions but you can also visit St. Mary of Zion church where the Ark is actually kept.


8. Lower Omo Valley

Lowe Omo Valley consists of 16 different yet distinct cultural tribes. Hamer and Mursi are the two most famous tribes present who are famous for their ornamental hairstyles and lip plates for females respectively. This experience is full of colours and it is very lively.

Lower Omo Valley

9. Lalibela’s Rock Churches

Huge churches cut out of rocks, which are rose-pink in colour. You can understand how beautiful it can be by just the word “rose-pink”. Hikers can climb up until here and see the nature’s most beautiful creation.

Lalibela's Rock Churches

10.  Danakil Depression

The lowest and one of the hottest places in this world, Danakil Depression seems almost surreal. It is 100m below sea level and the temperature is minimum 50 degrees centigrade on a regular basis. There is beautiful landscape which Is a compensation to the heat which exists down there. Orange swirl rocks, lakes of lava can be seen here.

Danakil Depression

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