10 Top Places To Visit In Burundi

Burundi may be a small town located in Africa but it has a lot to offer in terms of beauty and nature. The small space covers such scenic beauty in it that it can leave you thrilled and amazed. Grasslands, forests and lakes are what make up Burundi. Not just the lakes, but Burundi also has a number of beaches where visitors can relax and spend some quality time with their loved ones. The culture and ethnicity of Burundi is something that is always talked about. Burundi knows how to maintain its culture in a better way. But the political situation of the region makes travelling to Burundi a bit of problem for visitors.

Some Of The Best Places To See In Burundi Are Listed As Under:

1. Bujumbura

Bujumbura is known for the history of French and Colonial settlements that this city holds. This city has a greater impact of the French culture and you are sure to find the best of French cuisines here. The foods, drinks and the nightlife of the city make up entire Bujumbura. The Living Museum is a place to be in when in Bujumbura.


2. Ruvubu National Park

The s covers the widest area in Burundi. The majestic wildlife present in this park makes up for the Ruvubu National park. The transportation to the park is easy and there are camping facilities available here. Hippos, elephants, tigers, etc. are some of the animals to be found here.

Ruvubu National Park

3. Kigwena Natural Forest

The Kigwena Natural forest has all types of trees and plants growing in it. The forest is located in a denser part and baboons, monkeys and different species of butterflies are some of the species to be found here. The trees and huge and their roots come to the ground creating a dense look in the forest.

Kigwena Natural Forest

4. Gitega

Gitega holds the ancient history of the colonial times of Burundi and it preserves its history in the best way. The Gitega national museum has all the artefacts and documents related to the past. There are accommodations for all ranges and budgets and all kinds of people can afford it. People come to this place after a safari or game reserve.


5. Gishora

Gishora is a place which is best for safaris and drum sanctuary located in Gishora. The drums play an important role in the history of Gishora. The Burundi culture is well depicted here and it also holds the palace of the late kings here.


6. Mount Heha

People who are adventurous should give a visit to Mount Heha as it is the highest mountain range located in Burundi and provides an ideal place for trekking and mountain climbing. The views all around the place are beautiful and amazing.

Mount Heha

7. Saga Beach

The warm waters of the beach makes it a must visit spot for visitors. The beach is not that beautiful but the natural surrounding that engulfs it increase the attractive nature of the beach. During weekends, locals surround the beach and the atmosphere becomes fun and lively.

Saga beach

8. Chutes De La Kerera

The place is known for the four amazing falls that makes up the Chutes De la Kerera. It is possible to walk through the waterfalls and enjoy the waters. All the four falls are at different heights and people should be careful when they are in this place.

Chutes de la Kerera

9. The Kibira National Park

This national park was used as a part of hunting of animals in the earlier times as it holds some of the most exotic and rarest species of animals. A large number of birds are also to be found in the Kibira national park. One can also experience tea plantations on the sides of the national park.

The Kibira national park

10. Bururi National Reserve

The Bururi National reserve consists of wet forests for animals and a large number of migratory birds. To beat the scorching heat, people come here to the reserve as it is in higher altitudes and refreshing to be in summers.

Bururi national reserve

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