10 Amazing Places To Visit In Buckinghamshire, England

Buckinghamshire is the most beautiful city of the England. This city has been blessed by the nature rivers, mountains, cliff, greenery and many other things are there. There are many man made building in the Buckinghamshire, there are many small village, good market areas, if you are planning to visit the England then you must visit the Buckinghamshire once.

Here Are Some Of The Place That You Should Visit In The Buckinghamshire:

1. Marlow

Marlow is the beauty full place of the Buckinghamshire, it is at the bank of the Thames river and the bridge on the river is the center of attraction as it was constructed in the 1820, the view of the little mansions of the place are amazing, people come in the July month, because you will see the river is full of swan, there are many parks also for the kids.


2. Odds Farm Park

Odds farm parks attracts tourist in every season, because you will get many animals here, you will get the sheep, pigs, dogs, goats and many more, if you want to give surprise to your kids, then this is the best place to visit, there are parks, slides, zig zag chicanes and tunnels, you will get the interaction to the farmers and you can also see the packaging of the daily dairy products.

Odds Farm Park

3. Stoke Mandeville Stadium

Stoke Mandeville stadium is the place visited by the most of the sportsmen, as it has the history of the sports. The famous Paralympics has been started from this place in the 1984, it is also knows as the home of the disability sports, this stadium has the Olympic hotel along with the big conference hall, it has the facilities of the football, swimming, badminton in it.

Stoke Mandeville Stadium

4. Go Ape Black Park

Go Ape Black Park is known to be the best place for the kids, this is the place which spreads almost in 500 acres, the adventurous part of this park is that slides, bridges, swings are made up on the trees. This place is for the children up to 10 years of age, the height of the swings is of almost 460 meters. This place is the best to gift for your children.

Go Ape Black Park

5. Stowe National Trust

Stowe national trust is the place, which has many things to do in it, there is lakeside walk in this area, perfect for the couples, there are beautiful gardens in it, there are small shops also, there are small maps for the children to find out the hidden secrets of this place, there are many small rides also and a perfect place to go for the party.

Stowe National Trust

6. Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park has an internationally renowned identity, it has the birthplace of modern information technology, it has an important point in the world war 2. This place has a good library, that will give you many important point about the world war 2. It has a beautiful lake with the garden, in the evening there is fountain show.

Bletchley Park

7. Ascott House and Gardens

Ascott House and Gardens is the best place to spend your whole day, the garden is made on the theme of the Dutch architect, which has the flower of different types along with the Eros Foundation, if you want to see the history of the Britain through the pictures then here is the picture telling story of the England. Ascott house is made up of the timber wood by the Rothschild in the late 19 century.

Ascott House and Gardens

8. Waddesdon Manor

Waddesdon Manor is the beautiful place, it has the beautiful architect along with the gardens and the manmade lake, you will see this place in many movies. The famous Victorian garden is also here, it has a huge library. It has the 9 golf park with a railway station. It has the beautiful foundation show in the evening.

Waddesdon Manor

9. Bekonscot Model Village And Railway

Bekonscot Model Village is the oldest model village of the world and the railway station is also the oldest one as it was the first to introduced the broad gauge railway line. Now this place is a tourist place, in which there are many activities for the kids, like the toy train, rides, slides. It has a small coffee and gift shop, so that the people can have enjoy the small parties here.

Bekonscot Model Village And Railway

10. Roald Dahl Museum And Story Centre

Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre is a perfect place to enjoy your weekends, it has many picture galleries, it has the original writing hut, it has the monitors which has many story telling, your kid can also make your own story here, it has the museum in it with many monuments in it.

Roald Dahl Museum And Story Centre

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