Top 10 Things To Do In Ireland


Ireland, although is a small nation but it has so much preserved that it will take you more than a tour to experience all. It has the famous 12 Christmas pubs, the northern lights, the castles, the popular pubs, the striking routes and several breathtaking sights. All these things are going to leave to speechless. Although there are lots of things to do in Ireland but what must you do first are given below. Do go through these and try when you actually visit Ireland.

Top 10 Things To Do In Ireland

1. Enjoy the Northern Lights

Other than Finland, Ireland is also the country where travelers gather to catch a glimpse of the northern lights. The northern lights draping the entire sky looks mesmerizing to the eyes. This has started happening from the past few years. These are named as the aurora borealis. To check when the next aurora borealis will take place, you can sign up for the astronomy Ireland and get updates about it.

Enjoy the Northern Lights

2. Explore Its Food Heaven

The food haven is the English market selling the locally made yield from fish, fruits and vegetables, poultry and the famous sausages of Flynns. A trip to this market is a delight to the senses. Few years ago when the queen visited Ireland, even she took a small detour into the food haven and had a chat to the local producers. Whenever, you visit this market, make sure that you visit its lovely café called the Garmgate. This is one of the best place to have lunch in the city.

 Explore Its Food Heaven

3. Enjoy the Sight of Connemara

Connemara is one of the most gorgeous sight in the whole of Ireland. Today, this is famous as one of the last remaining Irish speaking areas of Ireland also called the gealtacht. Just spend a day here and do check out its rewarding surroundings, beautiful lakes, countryside area comprising of harbors, deserted beaches and seaside villages. You are surely going to come here again as it also makes the unblemished regions in the whole of Europe.

Enjoy the Sight of Connemara

4. Take A Seaweed Bath In The Strandhill

When in foreign lands, we come across various traditions and cultures are quite odd and creepy to us like the seaweed bath of Ireland. Yes, it may look a little “eww” when you actually dip into it but it has the power to heal the stress and tiredness from surfing, hiking and other physical labor involving activities. The freshly harvested seaweeds are put into the bathtub of lukewarm water and then you enter relaxing in it. Yes, you might not like it at first but you will not believe your skin and hair becoming incredibly soft and rejuvenated after this. You are definitely going to get addicted to this bath. The bath may last for 1 hour and along with it, you can also take the steam in a special steam room.

Seaweed Bath in the Strandhill

5. Enjoy The Spectacular View Of Sunset From The Cliffs Of Moher

The sunset from moher is photographed quite a lot. The beautiful sunset on a clear day is a treat to the eyes. You can even see it from miles one a clear day. However, you have to wait for the beautiful things like this sunset as the weather of this place is not always clear and keeps on changing frequently. However, do not miss this sunset in hurry as you won’t get such opportunities again. If you do not believe its beauty, just search some photographs on internet.

 Sunset from the Cliffs of Moher

6. Enjoy Its Unique Swimming Style

The swimming activity at the forty foot is quite unique. Well, the Christmas day swim is another Irish tradition. In recent years, it is growing into popularity and you can see hundreds of people jumping off the pieres and the rocks into the cold water in the beaches on Christmas Eve. Forty foot is one of the best pale to enjoy this activity to the fullest. It is a popular Dublin bathing spot located at just south of the Dun Laoghaire.

Enjoy Its Unique Swimming Style

7. Learn More About Titanic

In 2012, the titanic Belfast in Northern Ireland was opened with an applauded design in the area where the star-crossed liner was built. At this museum, the things are so natural and the stories are so dramatic, that you will be taken too original titanic. There is media coverage, smashups beneath the glass floor and various other things that very well explain how the unfortunate titanic sank in water. In the titanic quarters of Belfast, you can even tour at the ship’s dry dock, board its first class tender, take a tour at the shipyard and even take harbor cruise to see the construction and slipways of the water. What can be an experience better than knowing more about the Titanic?

Learn More about Titanic

8. Ride To The Wild Atlantic Way

Undoubtedly, this one is the most astonishing driving route of Ireland. This also makes the longest defined coastal driving route in the whole wide world. The route stretching from the whole way from Donegal in north to cork in the extreme south offers so many spectacular sights that will leave you awestruck. Some of the most stunning beaches, lakes, mountains, tiny coastal villages, surf breaks and waterfall can be seen while passing by this route. Whenever you visit here, be sure to spend a few days or weeks here and try to come across as much of Ireland as you can.

Ride To The Wild Atlantic Way

9. Visit Killarney And Ride Its Jaunting Car

The killarney is actually one of the most visited national park of Ireland. Not only tourists but even the locals love this place. Whether you take a tour to the muckross house or a boat trip of the lake or hike to the torc Waterfall, you can spend a day rest. You can enjoy this beautiful place even more by riding the famous jaunting car with the locals who can tell you folklore and funny stories about the place.

Visit Killarney And Ride Its Jaunting Car

10. Just Check Out The Johnnie Foxes Pub

If you have heard a lot about Ireland then you will also have heard of its Johnnie foxes Pub which is one of the highest pub of Ireland. There dwells so much fun here and you will surely feel like spending the night here. Open for 7 days, you will hear the Irish music here, watch Irish dancing and will be entertained every night. You can spend hours without getting bored of checking out its antiques, & looking at its photographs. From movie celebrities to the world presidents, many famous people have stepped in this pub.

The Johnnie Foxes Pub

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