The Top 10 Things To Do In Niger

Niger is a beautiful place located in Africa. Africa is famous for its great desert of Sahara and the wildlife. Also it is famous for the tribal festivals and the camel races organized frequently. Niger is the treasure of natural beauty where you can find amazing birds, animals and the beautiful landscapes all around. If you are considering taking a trip of Niger, here are some exciting things that you can do in Niger. These places will blow your mind and give you unforgettable memories as you return back.

Here Are Some Amazing Places You Can Visit In Niger And Things You Will Enjoy Doing At Niger:

1. Visit The Tribal Festival Of Niger

If you visit Niger, this traditional tribal festival is worth visiting. Tribal festival in Niger is the most amazing festival that creates a joyous and colorful environment. The traditional tribal dance, outfits, music, games and cuisine will make your day. This festival is arranged at one of the most beautiful islands in Niger on the bank of Niger River.

Visit The Tribal Festival Of Niger

2. Visit Niger Desert

Desserts are usually fun to visit. But the great desert of Niger is filled with amazing mountains and hills. The beautiful sands of the desert at night give a very beautiful view. During full moon, these deserts shine and glorify and spread beautiful light in the desert. The Djao Plateau is the beautiful place if you want to have a glimpse of naturally beautiful places.

Visit Niger Desert

3. Visit Zinder

Zinder is an old town located in Niger. This place is a beautiful merge of the traditional culture and the new modernized trends. The town has various sites which can be visited if you are a history lover and love the places that showcase traditional culture and ethics.

Visit Zinder

4. Get A Glimpse Of The Air Mountains

Niger is blessed with the beauty of the great Sahara deserts. These deserts are widely spread and the landscapes are too spread till never ending locations. The Sahara desert has a wide range of animals. From elephants to baboons, you will find each animal spices in the desert. The experience of roaming around the deserts while capturing the animals in joyful moods is such a memorable experience.

Get A Glimpse Of The Air Mountains

5. Go For Shopping In The Streets Of Niger

If you are a shopping freak and love to do shopping any where you go, Niger has a vast collection ready for you. The Niger Street shopping is very famous in context to the accessories, traditional outfits, décor items etc. You will get tired of shopping as the vast variety and collection will get you confused and amused.

Go For Shopping In The Streets Of Niger

6. Visit The National Park In Niger

If you have deep love for animals and for capturing the animals into your high tech cameras, visit the amazing national parks in Niger. Niger is naturally blessed with a lot of animal and bird spices. You can find a wide range of animals in the deserts as well in the national parks. You would get in shortage of time while roaming in the national parks for the whole day and return with an unforgettable experience. National park is one of the most visited national park of Niger.

Visit The National Park In Niger

7. Go For Niger River Sailing

If you are in love with sailing and boating the rivers, Niger is the place for you to visit. Along with beautiful deserts and national parks, the city is blessed with beautiful rivers and water bodies. The rivers in Niger give you amazing view and the opportunity of sailing around the river while watching the beauty of the landscapes and hills.

Go For Niger River Sailing

8. Visit Agadez

For visiting Agadez you need to climb mountains and the grand mosque. The historic city of Agadez is considered as one of the world heritage sites declared by UNESCO. This site has everything from traditional monuments to the ancient mosques. The city also has a shopping market from where you can buy unique and antiques along with the leather products.

Visit Agadez

9. Visit Dosso

The great kingdom of Dosso is a traditional and historic place has an amazing and catchy town planning. This town consists of little pathways that lead to ancient mosques, museums and palaces. At this small town you can fulfill your shopping requirements. There are amazing things that you can buy from the traditional markets and get your bags full.

Visit Dosso

10. Visit Niamey

It is very obvious to visit the beautiful capital of the country Niamey if you are on a trip to Niger. This place is very famous for the camel races and the tribal festivals that take place frequently. This place also consists of some tourist attractions like mosques, palaces, deserts and grand markets. You can buy all the beachwear and accessories and roam over the town for late nights.

Visit Niamey

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