10 Top Places To Visit In Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso may be coined as the poorest nation that is located in Africa but Burkina Faso is rich in terms of natural beauty and amazing views. There are spectacular landmarks in this region and the culture and people of the region are so hospitable and kind to visitors. There are various national parks in Burkina Faso who holds some of the rarest species of flora and fauna. Lake Tangrela is one of the main centres of attraction when you come to Burkina Faso. This place is rich in music and arts and they know how to preserve their cultural heritage in a better and proper manner. A small land, great to be for a holiday.

Some Of The Best Places To Visit When In Burkina Faso Are Listed As Under:

1. Bobo-Dioulasso

This place has the best nightlife that Burkina Faso has ever seen. With night clubs and restaurants streaming in with people, Bobo is a place which is famous for live music and performance. It is the second largest city in Burkina Faso. People with all kinds of budgets can come to this place as it is an attraction for every kind of people.


2. Arli National Park

The Arli National Park has some of the best species of plants and animals. The national park is spread over a huge space and some of the common animals to be found here are monkeys, hippos, etc. The African Wild dog is a treat to watch in this park. One of the famous animals watching spot is the watering hole in Taunga located in the Arli National Park.

Arli National Park

3. The Ruins Of Loropeni

The ruins of Loropeni mark the importance of the Sahara Gold that used to cover vast spaces of the region. There are stone remains in the place as of yet which are just amazing and fascinating to watch all the time. Gaoua is one of the nearby towns and it is worth visiting. Some sacred trees and museums are located in the place.

The ruins of Loropeni

4. W National Park

W National Park is a home to a large number of migratory birds who come here every year from different places. Remains of Early Neolithic settlers are present in the park which people come to see. Trekking tours are organised by the park for the visitors all around the park.

W National Park

5. Ouagadougou

It is a capital of Burkina Faso and this place is the centre for economic decisions and business administration. Crafts market, live music, dance performances, etc. make up the lime light of the place and people come here to forget their worries for a while and enjoy themselves to the tunes of music and dance. The architecture present here are a sight to watch.


6. Gorom Gorom

The Market in Gorom Gorom is very impressive and people from various parts of the world come to this market to see their wares and goods. You are sure to find some of the finest goods for yourself in the market. Whether its crafted jewellery or leather bags, this market sells all kinds of unique goods.

Gorom Gorom

7. Tiebele

The traditional mud huts and the small village becomes a tourist centre in Burkina Faso. The houses are made of mud and thatch because of the poverty that surrounds the entire village. The houses are designed in a systematic and unique way which makes this place a tourist spot.


8. Sindou

The rugged and the sharp peaks located in Sindou is a thing to watch. The place is kept in a very lively and calm manner and is not done in a great way. The peaks are great to watch during sun sets and take photographs. The rock peaks form different patterns and shapes.


9. Lake Tangrela

Lake Tangrela is a very beautiful tourist spot located in Burkina Faso. The presence of hippos in the lake make this an even more amazing destination to be in. The animals are quite rare and they do not attack humans in any way. Local fishermen come here to caste their nets to get good amount of fish.

Lake Tangrela

10. Ziniare

Ziniare in Burkina Faso is famous for the Ziniare National Park located in it which hosts a number of wildlife species in it. Hyenas, lions, tigers, etc. are some of the common animals found in the region.


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