8 Best Five Star Resorts In Managua

Somewhere in the Central America region lays a country called Nicaragua. Its capital city of Managua is perhaps you wouldn’t have heard about and that is one mistake which you would consider rectifying after this article. A peaceful country of not so much mentioned in the History books, Nicaragua can be your perfect destination in the near future. The rich in fauna and flora, with the sea coasts and greenery all around, Nicaragua will not disappoint you at all. Its capital city is its major administrative hub and its largest cit.

Let Us See Some Of The Best Resorts In The City Of Managua Worth Trying, They Are As Follows:

1. Intercontinental Real

For our fellow visitors, this resort is the best if you are looking for good food.

The resort has 3 restaurants that serves all kinds of cuisines and local cuisine too.

Another father to the hat is given by the affordable prices it will show on its bill. Overall, you should definitely have a piece of it.

Visit Intercontinental Real

Intercontinental Real

2. Barcelo

Another resort that will provide the ultimate comfort is the Barcelo in Managua. The luxurious looking hotel tends towards being on the expensive side but the food and the rooms will not disappoint you. Looking to cherish your memories from the past, this resort will give you plenty of them.

Visit Barcelo


3. Gran Pacific Beach Resort

Situated on the beach, this resort is one extravagant resort with both the prices and the way of living.

The best part about this beach resort is that it is home to one of the best golf courses in Nicaragua.

Go ahead and try the sunset on the beach and observe the nature’s bliss.

Visit Gran Pacific Beach Resort

Gran Pacific Beach Resort

4. Hotel Western Las Marcadese

Outdoor pools and landscape gardens are its major attractions.

The presence of Masaya Volcano National Park near to the resort further enhances your chances of stay.

Enjoy the different types of fauna growing abundantly here with some species of animals and insects habituating the same.

Visit Hotel Western Las Marcadese

Hotel Western Las Marcadese

5. Camino Real

A spa resort in Managua that ha very good ratings since its evolution. Just 3 kms away from the Managua airport, this resort is one of the best priced hotel in the city. The resort also serves Mediterranean food which is perhaps its speciality.

Visit Camino Real

Camino Real

6. Art Resort

One for the artists and peace loving creatures. The resort is situated in the capital and has art, both in the form of painting and handmade crafts. The famous old Cathedral in Managua is walking distance from this resort. The common food served here would be sea food and it will surely take you back with its hospitality.

Visit Art Resort

Art Resort

7. Hotel Mozanto

Loved for the local cuisine this resort will serve you upon your stay, this resort will give you reasons as to why you should stay here.

The resort is very close to the waterfront promenade and will also provide you with natural landscapes for sightseeing.

The bright and vibrant feeling that this resort will give you would make you forget all our worries and relax your mood.

Visit Hotel Mozanto

Hotel Mozanto

8. Hotel Don Carmelo

Another gift from Narague, this resort doesn’t really look like a hotel.

It is a small boutique hotel with its coffee shop offering numerous kinds of coffee made in the country.

The Managua centre is at a walking distance from here and further, the old cathedral nearby can also be reached on foot.

Visit Hotel Don Carmelo

Hotel Don Carmelo

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