Must Visit Onsen Destinations In Japan

A visit to Japan is not complete without a visit to its famous hot springs or onsen. Although hot springs can be enjoyed throughout the year, the best time to enjoy them is from autumn through winter. In Japan, you can visit hot springs to look at the picturesque beauty of the surrounding areas, for treatment of certain medical ailments, or to simply relax and rejuvenate yourself.

Following Is A List Of Must Visit Onsen Destinations In Japan

1. Beppu Onsen:

The world’s largest hot spring, Beppu Onsen also offers nearby attractions such as ‘Hells of Beppu.’ A great hot spring destination for family and friends, Beppu Hatto consists of eight major hot springs areas. Each of these areas has separate springs with varied qualities. Beppu Onsen is known for its famous indoor and outdoor mud baths. The outdoor mud baths are offered in large open spaces, and can be enjoyed by individuals or families.

Beppu Onsen

2. Osaka Spa World:

Essentially an onsen theme park, Osaka Spa World offers baths, restaurants, shops, swimming pools, and beauty treatments. Osaka Spa World offers varied baths such as milk and honey bath, a Finnish sauna, a bath with giant fish tanks, and many such baths with Asian and European themes

Osaka Spa World

3. Musashikoyama Onsen:

If your are staying in Tokyo, you must visit the Musashikoyama hot spring located in Tokyo’s downtown area of Shinagawa. Enjoyed by locals, it offers two types of natural hot springs of kuroyu and gold water. Kuroyu water is known for its skin and beauty related benefits as well as benefits for physical ailments such as insomnia and fatigue. The gold water is best for injuries and aches. Musashikoyama onsen offers indoor, outdoor, and open-air baths

Musashikoyama Onsen

4. Arashiyama Onsen:

Arashiyama, located in Kyoto, is popular for its cherry blossom trees and autumn leaves. In addition to its onsen, Arashiyama boasts of several historical shrines and temples. One of the tourist attractions is the station footbath at the Arashiyama station that allows you to soothe your tired feet in hot spring water directly from Arashiyama onsen while you watch the travelers and trains go by.

Arashiyama Onsen

Have you visited any such unusual and famous hot spring in Japan? Please share your suggestion and feedback in the comments section below.

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