7 Best Places To Visit In Corfu, Greece

The beautiful island in Greece, Corfu has a long history due to its association with diverse countries during the past. So, it would be an amazing destination for a history buff. Not just a place for history lovers, Corfu’s varied landscape, beaches and villages keep tourists busy and the people of the island are so warm and friendly that you will never forget the island visit in your lifetime.

Here Are 7 Best Places To Visit In Corfu, Greece

1. Archeological Museum

The museum situated close to Garitsa bay exhibits findings from numerous excavation sites such as Kanoni, Kassiopi, etc. The show up is the archeological findings from the temple dedicated to Artemis. The museum was initially built to host findings from Temple of Artemis, but later two extra rooms were added to display new exhibits. Artifacts from prehistoric to Hellenistic period are displayed in the museum. One important display is the Gorgona-Medusa pediment.

Archeological Museum

2. New Fortress

Also referred to as Fortress of San Marco, this structure was constructed by people of Venice during Turkish invasion. The fortress played major role in protecting Corfu. It contains small compartments and galleries and the western fort is an example of 17th century architecture style. The main gates and the winged lions of Saint Mark are some of the attractions. The fort has become the place for exhibition and concerts today.

New Fortress

3. Museum Of Asian Art

The museum of Asian art is an exclusive museum dedicated to the eastern world’s art and antiques. The museum is in the Georgian style building constructed in the 19th century, the palace of St Michael and George. Permanent exhibits are seen in the first floor. Thousands of Asian art that are thousands of years old are displayed in the museum.  From Chinese ceramics to Indian religious carvings to Japanese Sharaku art are displayed here. Temporary exhibits include things that illustrate the past of Maltese immigrants, Japanese geishas, etc.

Museum Of Asian Art

4. Mirtiotissa Beach

One of the favorite beaches of regular Corfu visitors is Mirtiotissa. To reach the isolated beach one must have to walk down a steep path for 45 minutes. The walk across the olive groves and dusty path is quite enjoyable. The interesting beach is enclosed by cliffs that are covered by thyme and pine. Though there is little shed, the freshwater that trickle down the cliff to the beach provide a cool shower.

Mirtiotissa Beach

5. Aqualand

Aqualand is one among the best water theme parks in Europe. The park is large in size and hosts a wide range of water games. There are more than 15 pools, 36 special water slides, Jacuzzi and a lot more interesting games. The games vary from gentle to terrifying and are so innovative to keep you engaged throughout the day.


6. Old Fortress

The fortress stands right next to Liston and Spianada square. The impressive structure is built on the peninsula and has a narrow bridge that connects it to the mainland. The lighthouse on top of the fortress offers awesome views of the sea and the town below.

Old Fortress

7. Achillion Palace

The Achillion Palace is situated in the beautiful village of Gastouri. Elizabeth, the Empress of Austria built this magnificent palace. The impeccable palace garden is of top class and visitors to this palace can marvel at the wonderful mural, which portrays Achilles carrying Hector’s dead body. The popular movie ‘For Your Eyes Only’ (James Bond movie) was shot here.

Achillion Palace

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