6 Must Visit Gorgeous Beaches in Bahamas

Bahamas is an archipelago which consists of more than 2000 islands, most of which are uninhabited. The beautiful blobs of green which form the islands rise majestically from the luminous blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. These sundrenched islands which are kissed by the salty spray of the sea have bewitched travelers from across the globe for decades. The archipelago also has a mindboggling array of scenic beaches to choose from. To discover the jaw dropping beaches of this tropical paradise, read on.

Here Are 6 Must Visit Gorgeous Beaches In Bahamas:

1. Xanadu Beach:

This popular tourist beach is located in Freeport just three miles from the International Bazaar. The popularity of this beach has skyrocketed in recent years, because of the pristine stretch of powdery white sands, and it sparkling emerald green waters. Sunbathing and swimming are popular activities on this beach. The many restaurants and luxury hotels which are located close to this stunning beach further enhance its overall charm and tourist appeal.

Xanadu Beach

2. Sugar Loaf Beach:

Take a diversion from the busy Queen’s highway and discover the sublime beauty of Sugar Loaf Beach. This splendor of this beach lies in its isolation. This horse shoe shaped beach which is fringed by tropical vegetation, is ideal for visitors who want to enjoy stunning solitude. Tourists to this beach must not miss the opportunity to enjoy an exhilarating swim in the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This beach also allows visitors to enjoy dazzling sunrises and sunsets.

Sugar Loaf Beach

3. Gold Rock Beach:

The Gold Rock Beach is definitely high on the list of must visit beaches in the Bahamas. Gold Rock Beach is located approximately 25 kilometers from the bustling city of Freeport. The fact that this beach is part of the famous Lucyan National Park makes a trip to this beach all the more alluring. To get to this beach, you have to walk through a wooden boardwalk, which snakes its way through a lush line of ancient mangrove trees. The ideal time to explore this delightful beach is at low tide, when the sparkling waters recede almost 75 yards into the sea. Swimming and snorkeling are popular water sports on Gold Rock Beach.

Gold Rock Beach

4. Cabbage Beach:

Cabbage beach is a picture perfect ribbon of sand on Paradise Island – a tranquil strip of coast on the Bahamas. This idyllic beach is located on the northern shores of the island. The stunning beach is peppered with swaying casuarinas and palm trees which provide ample shade to enjoy a quick cat nap. The watercolor hued landscape and the multi hued blue waters make a visit to this beach an almost dreamlike experience. Popular water sports on Cabbage Beach include swimming, snorkeling, para-sailing and water skiing. Visitors can grab a quick bite from the well stocked snack bar which is located close to the beach.

Cabbage Beach

5. Big Bay Beach:

When it comes to the list of big beaches in Bahamas, Big Bay Beach in Betsy Bay, Mayaguana can be termed the grand daddy of all beaches, for it sheer size. Feel the powdery sands between your toes and pick up exotic seashells as you enjoy an idyllic walk on Big Bay Beach. You can unroll a beach mat and enjoy a well deserved rest under the shade cast by the tracery of branches of numerous tropical trees which grow with abandon on the beach. This beach is ideal for swimming, kayaking and standup paddle boarding.

Big Bay Beach

6. Gordon’s Beach:

Gordon’s Beach, a broad swath of pearly white sands, marks the southern edge of Long Island. Adrenaline junkies can enjoy a array of exhilarating water sports which includes swimming, snorkeling and diving. Sunbathing and fishing are also popular activities on Gordon’s Beach.

Gordon's Beach

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