5 Best Five Star Hotels In Greenland

Greenland is a beautiful island chain located in the North America. This place is full of oceans and bays which makes it an attraction for tourists. There are numerous restaurants and hotels in Greenland which serve the best if its culture.

Here Are Some Amazing Hotels In Greenland You Must Consider For A Stay During Trip:

1. Hotel Icefiord

This beautiful hotel has all the amenities that are needed by people the amazing culture of North America reflects in the interior and decorations of the hotel. This is a best locating having the beautiful waters of oceans around. This place makes your day when you sit around your suites having a glance of the scenic beauty outside. The calm waves and silence is very peaceful and refreshing.

Visit Hotel Icefiord

Hotel Icefiord

2. Hans Egede Hotel

The best part of this hotel is the location where it is built up. The location gives an amazing view of the port located besides the hotel and the water around. It has many tourists attractions nearby which reduce your travelling time. It is located in the centre of the city from where you can have access to the shopping market, the food courts and restaurants very easily. This place offers amazing cuisines and bar facilities along with basic amenities like wifi, 24×7 room service, lounges etc.

Visit Hans Egede Hotel

Hans Egede Hotel

3. Hotel Nuuk Seamen’s Home (Hotel SØMA )

This hotel is located in the heart of the city from where all the tourists’ spots and historical places are nearby. The place is very approachable from any location. The main attraction of this hotel is that the northern lights which are very pleasant to see can be seen from the hotel baramdah. The hotel has a beautiful exterior as well a classy interior which gives a classy and elegant feel. This place has amazing food court and minibar facility for the party freaks.

4. Hotel Kulusuk

If you want to grab the view of real North America and its amazing weather, this hotel gives you a chance to get the amazing views. The location of this hotel is in the centre of the beautiful white snow desert which looks amazing during the sunshine. The sunrises and sunsets are best visible from the hotel where the sun rays spread over the beautiful snow giving it a glittery and shiny texture. Also the room services are amazing and the guests are served in the traditional and aesthetic culture and welcomes.

Visit Hotel Kulusuk

Hotel Kulusuk

5. Seamen’s Hotel Sisimiut

This is one of the biggest hotels in Greenland with amazing room and suites facilities available. The hotel has beautiful corridors from where the beautiful morning view is so poetic. The fasciitis of the room are the dining facilities, mini bars, swimming pools, and special arrangements for events. The hotel serves beautiful cuisine and arranges the best interior and decorations for parties. The hotel is on the sea side giving a pleasant and calm view.

These are the hotels in the Greenland which will provide you with the basic and luxurious facilities. The hotels represent the tradition and culture of North America and are placed in the locations which will enhance your experience or sightseeing. The hotels prime locations make it the best and widely preferred hotels. If you have a plan for visiting Greenland and enjoying the luxury and scenic beauty of the city, have these hotels in your list.

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