Top 10 Things To Do At Bora Bora

Bora Bora can be called as a center for romantic love and known for its world of adventure apart from land for relaxation and land of romance. The island is full of overwater bungalows, enchanted atmosphere, thatched roof villas, emerald green and royal blue waters, tropical forests, white sand beaches and the castle in the sky Mount Otemanu.

Here Are The Top 10 Things To Do At Bora Bora

1. Matira Beach

The number one act all the tourists landing in Bora Bora is relaxing themselves on the beach. You can also enjoy the lagoon’s crystal water and the sand of Matira beach. All along the beaches there are many cafes and resorts occupied by tourists. Taste the food of Bora Bora by stopping at a small café while you walk in the beach.

Matira Beach

2. Coral Gardens

The coral gardens situated to the east of Main Island. It is a small islet home to coral gardens. Along the coral gardens you can see beautiful coral reef which are not deep. Here you can go for snorkeling adventure. Take snorkeling gear and aqua socks/shoes before diving into the sea. See colorful fish and coral reefs while on the snorkeling safari.

Coral Gardens

3. Mount Otemanu

Mount Otemanu is the highest point on Bora Bora and a height of 2400 feet above the lagoon. Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia are the leftovers of an extinct volcano in Bora Bora. Go for an adrenaline-pumping adventure; take a 4×4 car, hiking trip or helicopter tour. If you don’t like the above, relax yourself at the beach by watching the scenery of jungles and sparking blue sea below.

Mount Otemanu

4. Bora Bora Lagoonarium

Bora Bora Lagoonarium boasts some of colorful fish, turtles, rays, sharks. You can swim and snorkeling with the sharks. Take a seat in the motorized outrigger canoe and see how your guide jumps in to the water and feed the famous Black-tip Reef Sharks by hand.

Bora Bora Lagoonarium

5. Jet Ski

Take your own jet ski and enjoy the spectacular views of Bora Bora Island and travel around the island. The island is full of coconut trees and you can get the experience of how to climb the coconut tree and how to open it.

Jet Ski

6. Scuba Diving

If you hold a certificate on scuba diving you can enjoy scuba diving here. While in the water you will be fortunate to see the giant manta ray and hundreds of neon bright reef fish. Go with an underwater camera to capture the above as a memorabilia for your grand children.

Scuba Diving

7. Hiking

Hiking in Bora Bora is a satisfying experience for you because of the lush green landscape. Local expert hiking guides give you the information about the socio and cultural life of the people, ancient sites and plant life.


8. Polynesian Spa

Tahiti is a famous spa destination with many resorts providing luxurious spas. The resorts surrounded by a backdrop of flora fragrances and natural beauty. The scenery is a best setting for relaxation. Enjoy fresh flower baths, herbal rain showers in the Spas.

Polynesian Spa

9. Paddle Board Yoga

You can do yoga on the paddle board that is not possible anywhere. Sit on the paddle board and perform the yoga in the Bora Bora’s turquoise lagoon.

Paddle Board Yoga

10. Dinner At Bloody Mary’s

If you hungry and knew about the food of Bora Bora head straight towards to the world famous sea-food restaurant Bloody Mary’s for dinner. You will be fortunate to share the table with the celebrities.

Dinner At Bloody Mary’s

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