Top 10 Eco-Friendly Hotels And Resorts Around The World

Eco-tourism has been gaining a lot of prominence of late, what with many individuals choosing to travel to destinations and stay in hotels that let them enjoy a vacation while reducing their carbon footprint. Eco-friendly hotels are popping up all over the place, with each hotel boasting about being more environmentally-friendly than the other. However, when it comes to truly practicing Eco-friendliness as well as encouraging their customers to do the same, these hotels lead the way.

Check Out The Top Eco-friendly Hotels In The World:

1. Awang Awanga

Location: Bali, Indonesia

The Awang Awang lodging in Bali truly takes sustainability to the next level, a factor that has earned it the prestigious Six Green Trees rating (the highest) by a prestigious hotel group that promotes Eco-tourism.

The entire building has been made of natural materials like local stone while the soap used in the rooms is organic and chemical free.

The pool itself is chemical free as well while the water used in and around the hotel is recycled via a bio-cycle septic system to be used in the gardens surrounding the property. The hotel also makes use of its own electricity generated from solar power and a Pelton wheel.

Awang Awanga

Awang Awanga

2. Bardessono Hotel

Location: California, U.S.A

Located in the gorgeous Napa Valley, the Bardessono Hotel is platinum LEED certified and is only one of the other tree hotels in the world to receive the highest rating for sustainability.

The building was constructed from wood sourced from salvaged trees as well as non-allergenic and non-toxic materials.

Following construction, the hotel managed to salvage and recycle nearly 100% of its construction waste as well. The rooms use only organic linen and cleaning products while the spa and restaurant use only locally sourced products. Composting and recycling is also widely carried around the hotel to ensure green standards are met.

Bardessono Hotel

Bardessono Hotel

3. Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation And Inn

Location: Costa Rica, Central America

Since its launch in 1985, the Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn has dedicated itself to following a sustainable lifestyle and promoting the same to its visitors. In addition to hiring only local employees in order to give back to the community, the hotel makes use of an advanced recycling program and composting system to both use coffee pulp as fertilizer and handle organic waste properly.

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation And Inn

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn

4. The Laguna Lodge

Location: Guatemala, Central America

Located right on the shores of a picturesque lake, the Laguna Lodge proves that nature and luxury can co-exist in perfect harmony with each other. The lodge has been built out of local materials like volcanic stone.

The lodge uses only organic products and is self-sufficient when it comes to food, water and energy.

The lodge itself sits in the midst of the 100 acre nature reserve of bio-diverse land. Guests can have the time of their lives enjoying the myriad luxuries the hotel has to offer while not worrying about being affected by anything even remotely toxic or non-biodegradable.

The Laguna Lodge

The Laguna Lodge

5. Ecoventura

Location: Galapagos Islands

The Ecoventura is actually a yacht that has found a really smart way to allow its guests to enjoy the unspoiled beauty and wilderness of the Galapagos Islands, by staying off it instead of on it.

The SmartVoyager certified Ecoventura yacht offers tours for visitors wanting to view the Galapagos Islands and its inhabitants.

Docking near the islands, the yacht serves only locally sourced food in order to protect the ecosystem and uses wind turbines and solar panels to generate its own electricity. Regular boat rides are offered to the visitors who can travel in small groups to the land.



6. The Park Hyderabad

Location: Hyderabad, India

Located just a few minutes’ drive from the city center, the Park Hyderabad is the first hotel in India to receive the LEED Gold certification for its sustainability initiatives. The hotel’s spectacular exterior makes use of maximum natural light flow in order to minimize the use of electricity within the premises. The hotel also makes it a point to give back to the community by infusing local culture wherever possible in its design. In addition to this, it also encourages the use of green transportation via electric cars and bikes in and around the property.

The Park Hyderabad

The Park Hyderabad

7. Campi ya Kanzi

Location: Mtito Andei. Kenya

The Campi ya Kanzi Eco-friendly lodge has many sustainability initiatives running to make it one of the most environmentally friendly hotels on earth. The lodge was in fact, the first ever hotel to use Eco-friendly charcoal sourced from the UN’s Environmental Program. Over 90% of the staff at Campi is from the local Maasai tribes in the region. The cottages are constructed using local materials and feature thatched roofs.

You will be amazed to know that not one tree was cut down to build the cottages as well as the rest of the lodge.

Apart from this, Campi ya Kanzi makes use of renewable energy via solar boilers and photo voltaic panels. It also runs rainwater collection, recycling and composting programs to remain dedicated to its aim of protecting the earth in the endeavor to offer guests a memorable stay in Kenya.

Campi ya Kanzi

Campi ya Kanzi

8. Ritz Carlton Charlotte

Location: North Carolina, U.S.A

As the first hotel in the Ritz group to earn the prestigious LEED Gold certification, the Ritz Carlton Charlotte Hotel has several innovative green initiatives to its name, including a chemical free pool.

The roof of the hotel is home to a garden and beehive which sources nearly all of the food needed for the restaurants.

Even the hotel’s spa is Eco-friendly and uses only green products. Over 18000 plants on the roof also help to insulate the building and slow down rain runoff after storms. The hotel also offers free shuttle services in hybrid vehicles while promoting free bike rentals for those who prefer to explore the city on their own.

Ritz Carlton Charlotte

Ritz Carlton Charlotte

9. Hi Hotel Eco Spa & Beach

Location: Nice, France

The Hi Hotel in Nice is a perfect example of a hotel that does not need to be located far away from the city in a remote location in order to practice sustainability.

The boutique hotel comes with a rooftop pool and its own private beach area.

The hotel has received the Green Globe Certification for several sustainability initiatives it carries out on a daily basis. Some of these include using only organic paint, organic food, recycled paper, organic linen and Eco-friendly cleaning products.

Hi Hotel Eco Spa & Beach

Hi Hotel Eco Spa & Beach

10. Spice Island Beach Resort

Location: St. George’s, Grenada

The Spice Island Beach Resort offers visitors the chance to enjoy a luxurious holiday while giving back to the environment in more ways than one. Located just a stone’s throw from the Grand Anse Beach, the resort makes use of several energy conservation methods like desalination plants and solar heating. It also features a non-chlorinated pool in addition to prohibiting smoking completely. Guests can also take part in several sustainability programs organized by the hotel and the local community, including replanting trees and community clean-ups.

Spice Island Beach Resort

Spice Island Beach Resort

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