8 Remarkable Tourist Attractions In Trinidad

Trinidad, one of the largest islands located in southern Caribbean offers a lot of wonderful experiences and fun to visitors. The white sand beaches, tall palms, blue waters, historical buildings, and rich culture are marvelous. You can enjoy and have a lot of fun without any disappointment on the island.

Tourist Attractions In Trinidad

1. Maracas Bay

Maracas bay is a popular beach in Trinidad. The crescent shaped bay is well-known for its white sand, tall towering palms, gentle waves and the scenic views.

Adventurous rides such as paddling, diving, surfing, hiking, etc all are the activities you can enjoy doing on the beach.

You get to taste the most popular food stand “bake and shark” and its specialty food “fried shark with bread” on the beach.

Maracas Bay

2. Aripo Caves

Located at the northern end of Trinidad, the caves are a sure stop. You get to see uncommon species of birds called the oilbirds, which are nocturnal and similar to that of bats.

The caves nest not only oilbirds, but also hundreds of bats.

To reach the limestone caves, you would need to hike through the dense forest. Special caving equipment is required to explore the cave deep inside. Cave exploration, hiking and bright orange blooms will provide an amazing experience.

Aripo Caves

3. Fort George

Situated up in the hill, the views of the port from the fort are spectacular. The structure is well preserved and open to guests. Visitors can see the cannons, white light house, dungeons and artifacts. The landscape around the fort is a great place for picnic as well. You can learn about history and enjoy the beautiful views from Fort George.

Fort George

4. Caroni Bird Sanctuary

Extended over 13,000 acres, the bird sanctuary is home to hundreds of birds and animals. The bird sanctuary offers specialized bird watching trips, fishing trips, educational trips, photography trips, etc.

You can take your camera and binoculars to enjoy watching birds and different animals.

A family picnic will be amazing in the sanctuary where you can enjoy snacking on board and spend wonderful time with your family.

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

5. Port Of Spain

The colonial style buildings, bustling business center, neon lights, tall buildings, and forever crowded streets are all tourist attractions in the capital city of Trinidad. The pre-Lenten Carnival held in the city is an extravagant celebration. The other attractions include sports, festivals, garden, mall and museums.

Port of Spain

6. Mount St. Benedict Monastery

The red roofed tower in east Port of Spain is a striking landmark of the region. This was established by Benedictine monastery, an oldest monastery in the Caribbean.

The monastery complex contains religious buildings, a large farm, and home for the old, rehabilitation center, guesthouse, etc.

You can walk around and go hiking and bird watching in the forest around and enjoy having jams, jellies, etc made using fruits grown locally.

Mount St. Benedict Monastery

7. La Brea Pitch Lake

The lake was once considered as the eighth wonder of the world. It contains huge deposits of emulsified asphalt. The lake surface is wrinkled and gray like a dinosaur or elephant’s hide, blistered in places, and warm to touch.

It is about 100 acres and 250 feet deep.

The lake has fascinated scientists and explorers and has been attracting tourists since it was re-discovered in 1595 by Sir Walter Raleigh.

La Brea Pitch Lake

8. Temple In The Sea

Located off the western coast of Trinidad, this extraordinary Hindu monument was built by Seedas Sadhu, a South Asian laborer. The floating marvel can be reached through a pathway from the mainland. The temple has survived sea erosion and remains as a symbol of beauty and hope.

Temple in the Sea

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