7 Spectacular Luxury Desert Resorts Around The World

Desert break is definitely one among the top ten destinations on the list of a zealous traveler. The intense color, sand dunes, clear sky, twinkling stars at night, serenity are all amazing. Here is a list of a few luxury desert resorts where you can experience desert life at its best.

Luxury Desert Resorts Around The World:

1. Little Kulala, Namibia

Located in the private wilderness of Kulala, the resort merges without a flaw into the desert landscape.

The thatched kulalas are climate controlled and has a private pool.

The entertainment area includes library, dining area, wine cellar, lounge, etc. The neutral color interiors of the kulalas and the natural lights inside the rooms are magnificent. You can spot wild animals nearby the resort.

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Little Kulala, Namibia

2. Amangiri, Utah

Located in the southern Utah desert, the luxury resort is popular and makes you feel you are in an exotic vacation and have travelled long.

The sunrise over the red mountains and horse riding through the red canyons will be breathtaking.

The luxury spa treatments and 100 percent organic meals will cleanse your body and mind. The modern suite with private pool and open terrace where you can enjoy watching the stars at night are all simply fantastic.

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Amangiri, Utah

3. Al Maha Desert Resort, UAE

Nestled in the palm oasis, the resort showcases the tradition and structural designs of the nomads of the desert.

The luxurious tents blend with the desert and are well furnished with the Arabian artifacts.

The interiors and furnishings are unique and reflect Arabian culture in every aspect. The private pools and the fantastic views of the Dubai reserve and the wildlife around the resort are awesome.

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Al Maha Desert Resort, UAE

4. Tierra Atacama, Chile

Located in the Atacama Desert, the hotel is designed by the best talents of Chile. The interiors and furniture are made using local materials and many accessories are handmade.

The atmosphere is quite friendly and staffs are very warm making you feel at home.

You can seat in any of the many private corners in the hotel and relax on the shady outdoors. It is a perfect place to enjoy your holiday serenely.

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Tierra Atacama, Chile

5. Manvar Resort, India

The desert located midst of Thar Desert is away from the sights of the urban prospects and provides you a unique experience. The luxurious resort is built in a traditional village style with a lot of eco-friendly projects. You can explore Indian culture, desert life, wildlife and the striking natural beauty in the camp.

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Manvar Resort, India

6. Qasr Al Sarab Resort, Abu Dhabi

Located in the renowned Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi is a perfect place for those who want to spend their holidays in unparalleled extravagance and comfort.

You can enjoy a camel ride over endless dunes or recline by the pool side outside your private villa or indulge in the traditional Arabic rituals.

Every suite, villa and room in the resort is the finest abode with rich interiors and provides fabulous desert views.

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Qasr Al Sarab Resort, Abu Dhabi

7. Kasbah Du Toubkal, Morocco

If you want to chill out in the true magic of unspoiled nature then Kasbah Du Toubkal fits the bill.

Located on a hilltop and just 60 kilometers away from Marrakech, the resort is away from the hustle bustle of the city.

It is a place of seclusion and peace. The unique hotel has large terraces and delightful gardens, which offer unparallel views of the mountains around. If are looking for a place that provides peace in a breathtaking rural setting then Kasbah is the place to be.

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Kasbah Du Toubkal, Morocco

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