7 Best Five Star Resorts In Tegucigalpa

Not many of us would think of visiting Honduras for our vacations. Honduras has been one of a kind, situated in the Caribbean region, it is a beautiful country and perhaps, easy enough to visit with respect to the finances as well. Its capital, Tegucigalpa offers various sightseeing and activities that can keep you busy and at the same time help you enjoying your time to last bits. Talking about the hotels in the capital city, various luxurious hotels have come up and can be taken at affordable prices while giving you all the amenities and facilities that you would require.

Here Are Some That Can Be Considered By You When You Are Visiting The Place:

1. Tegucigalpa Marriott Hotel

Marriott has been one of the best hotel chains in the present times. The 5 star hotel in Tegucigalpa will not disappoint you in keeping you fresh and alive all day long. Along with Gym, swimming pool and spa & fitness centre, the hotel provides yoga classes as well. Just minutes away from the airport and the famous Las Cascade Mall, this hotel is practicable for visitors.

Visit Tegucigalpa Marriott Hotel

Tegucigalpa Marriott Hotel

2. Hotel Plaza Juancarlos

Very close by the Juana Lainez Eco Park, this hotel features in our top 7 hotels in Tegucigalpa. With common features of providing gym and spa, this hotel provides suits for both professionals and visitors. Another aspect of this hotel is a stone’s throw distance from city centre.

Visit Hotel Plaza Juancarlos

Hotel Plaza Juancarlos

3. Clarion Hotel

This hotel is perhaps the best one to stay. It is situated in the heart of business and entertainment centre of the city and also an epicentre to majority of dining places in Tegucigalpa. This provides one of the best eating places in the city as it is home to Las Cuatro Estaciones.

Visit Clarion Hotel

Clarion Hotel

4. Hyatt Tegucigalpa

Hyatt has been one of the most sophisticated hotel chains in the world. The swimming pool offers great landscape views and the restaurant will not disappoint you in terms of good local cuisine. Pretty much on the expensive side, Hyatt can be a wonderful place to stay in the capital of Honduras.

Visit Hyatt Tegucigalpa

Hyatt Tegucigalpa

5. Hotel Honduras Maya

Talking about luxury, this hotel situated in the city of Tegucigalpa will provide you the most luxurious stays of all time. With a huge swimming pool and great suits, this hotel has been standing as one of the best for quite some time now.

Visit Hotel Honduras Maya

Hotel Honduras Maya

6. Hotel Portal del Angel

Considering a stay in a hotel with looks and design of the local culture, then this hotel is a must try for you fellow visitors. The swimming pool is adjacent to one of the best places to eat with the chef making the food: freshly cooked and in front of your eyes to enjoy the meal in a better way. The overall infrastructure is made similar to the homes in Honduras and the dark atmosphere will give you the ultimate evening; one that you will cherish for your lifetime.

Visit Hotel Portal del Angel

Hotel Portal del Angel

7. Real Colonial La Casa

This hotel is famous for the paintings and other artefacts preserved from the Spanish era (the colonial times). The hotel is famous for providing freshly made beer from its brewery and the visitors can enjoy that on the on sight bar. A 5 star hotel can be on the expensive side but this hotel will not affect your wallet so much as other hotels can.

Visit Real Colonial La Casa

Real Colonial La Casa

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