10 Best Beach Clubs in Bali: Where Paradise Meets Partying

Bali’s vibrant beach club scene adds a touch of glamour and excitement to the island’s idyllic shores. With their stylish settings, lively vibes, and breathtaking ocean views, beach clubs in Bali have become must-visit destinations for travelers seeking the perfect combination of relaxation and revelry. If you’re dreaming of sinking your toes in the sand while sipping on tropical cocktails, these top beach clubs in Bali are waiting to make your island experience unforgettable.

1. Finns Beach Club – Canggu

Nestled along the black sand beach of Canggu, Finns Beach Club is a sprawling beachfront oasis with a range of facilities. Whether you choose to lounge by the infinity pool or on the sunbeds facing the ocean, the club’s relaxed ambiance and live DJs create a delightful atmosphere. Sip on their signature “Finns Fling” cocktail and enjoy spectacular sunset views.

2. Ku De Ta – Seminyak

A pioneer in Bali’s beach club scene, Ku De Ta in Seminyak continues to be a favorite among locals and visitors alike. With its chic design, superb service, and an eclectic music selection, Ku De Ta offers a sophisticated beachfront experience. Indulge in their refreshing “Ku De Ta Sling” or the classic “Mojito” as you bask in the stunning Seminyak Beach backdrop.

3. Sundays Beach Club – Uluwatu

Located in a secluded cove along Uluwatu’s rugged coastline, Sundays Beach Club is a hidden gem offering a serene escape. Accessible via a funicular ride down the cliff, this beach club is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and water sports activities. Savor their delightful cocktails, like the “Sundays Signature Colada,” while taking in the breathtaking coastal views.

4. Mrs Sippy Bali – Seminyak

Mrs Sippy Bali boasts one of the largest saltwater pools on the island, making it a sought-after spot for pool parties and leisurely sunbathing. This beach club in Seminyak hosts regular pool parties with renowned DJs, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere. Try their refreshing “Watermelon Smash” or the “Pineapple Express” for a burst of tropical flavors.

5. Omnia Dayclub – Uluwatu

Perched on the limestone cliffs of Uluwatu, Omnia Dayclub is an extravagant destination for beach club enthusiasts. With its infinity pool, luxurious cabanas, and stunning ocean views, Omnia offers a luxurious and glamorous beach experience. Sip on the “Omnia Spritz” or the “Sunset in Uluwatu” cocktail while enjoying the energetic beats of international DJs.

6. La Brisa Bali – Canggu

La Brisa Bali transports visitors to a rustic beach shack with its bohemian décor and relaxed vibes. Situated in Canggu, this eco-friendly beach club exudes a laid-back charm, making it a favorite spot for sunset gatherings. Try their signature “La Brisa Colada” or the “Tropical Mojito” and unwind as you watch surfers catch the waves.

7. Azul Beach Club – Legian

Azul Beach Club, located in Legian, offers a stylish and modern setting with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. The beach club’s bamboo structure and lush gardens create a tropical oasis. Sip on their “Azul Smash” or the “Sunset Cooler” cocktail as you enjoy the sea breeze and the swaying palm trees.

8. Ulu Cliffhouse – Uluwatu

Ulu Cliffhouse combines a beach club experience with a laid-back cliff-top ambiance. This destination offers breathtaking views of the ocean and a saltwater infinity pool to cool off. Savor the “Sunset Snapper” or the “Cliffhouse Colada” as you immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings.

9. Karma Beach Bali – Ungasan

Karma Beach Bali, located at Karma Kandara Resort in Ungasan, offers a luxurious beach club experience with a private white sand beach. Accessible by a funicular, the club features a stunning reef for snorkeling and an enticing menu of cocktails, like the “Karma Colada” or the “Sunset Mojito.”

10. Tropicola Beach Club – Seminyak

Tropicola Beach Club, a vibrant oasis in Seminyak, exudes a retro-inspired atmosphere with its colorful design and poolside fun. The club offers a variety of tropical cocktails, including the “Beach Colada” and the “Tropicola Spritz.” Enjoy the lively ambiance and dance to tunes from the resident DJs.

With their captivating beachfront locations, creative cocktails, and energetic vibes, Bali’s beach clubs provide the perfect setting to celebrate the island’s beauty and revel in its party spirit.


  1. Are these beach clubs suitable for families and children?
    • While some beach clubs may have a lively party atmosphere, many of them are family-friendly during specific hours. Beach clubs like Sundays Beach Club and Karma Beach Bali offer amenities and activities suitable for children and families.
  2. Is there an entrance fee to access these beach clubs?
    • Yes, some beach clubs in Bali may charge an entrance fee, which can often be used as credit towards food and drinks within the club. The fees may vary depending on the club and the day of the week.
  3. Can I access the beach even if I’m not a guest of the associated resorts?
    • Most beach clubs allow visitors to access the beach and the club’s facilities even if they are not guests of the associated resorts. However, during peak seasons or special events, there may be restrictions on non-guest access.
  4. Are beach clubs open during the day and night?
    • Yes, beach clubs in Bali are usually open during the day and continue their operations into the evening and night. The atmosphere may change from relaxed beach vibes during the day to livelier party scenes at night.
  5. Can I enjoy water sports activities at these beach clubs?
    • Yes, some beach clubs, like Sundays Beach Club and Karma Beach Bali, offer water sports activities such as snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking, providing guests with additional recreational options.
  6. Are reservations required to visit these beach clubs?
    • While reservations are not always mandatory, they are recommended for popular beach clubs, especially during peak seasons or when planning to visit during special events or parties.
  7. Do these beach clubs have dress codes?
    • The dress code varies depending on the beach club and its ambiance. Most beach clubs in Bali have a relaxed dress code suitable for beachwear, but some upscale venues may require smart-casual attire.
  8. Can I watch the sunset from these beach clubs?
    • Yes, many beach clubs, like Finns Beach Club, Ku De Ta, and Sundays Beach Club, offer stunning sunset views. Arriving early to secure a good spot during sunset hours is recommended.
  9. Are vegetarian and vegan food options available at these beach clubs?
    • Yes, many beach clubs in Bali offer a diverse food menu that includes vegetarian and vegan options to cater to different dietary preferences.
  10. Can I visit multiple beach clubs in a day?
    • Yes, you can certainly explore multiple beach clubs in a day, especially if they are located in close proximity. Many travelers enjoy “beach hopping” to experience the different atmospheres and offerings of each club.

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